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  1. Hi everyone,
    Please let me know if you think I've made a big mistake on this.... I just a bought a lovely Sandringham trench in Ice pink. I'm just not so sure about the size. I tried the Sandringham heritage trench a while ago (before I gained weigh). I believe the size 6 or an 8 was a bit of a tight fit. So i figured I might want to go up a size. I'm hoping to get back into shape so I bought the coat for my old size. I ended up buying the size 10 because I wasn't sure if my target size was 8 or 10. If it's too big for me after I lose the weight, do you think a good tailor could take take it in? I'm thinking the max would be 1.5 sizes, but 0.5 a size is also really possible too. I really love the colour and I really excited about it being gabardine. Please let me know if you think I'll be able to get it resized if it's too big.
  2. A good tailor should be able to take it in.

    DBF has a tailor recommended by Burberry and they took in a men's trench in from a 42 to a 38. It's a lot of work, and it was pricey, but it is doable.
  3. I would think on a trench coat if the shoulders fit, maybe it wouldn't matter that much if it's a bit loose
  4. Yes I think a good tailor can resize it but it will be very expensive. Did you buy it in store? If so, the store will will do alterations for you. If not, ask them who they use (my local Burberry used an outside tailor) but note that it can/will be pricey.
  5. The tailor that was recommended by SCP Burberry charged $250.
  6. Yep figured as much. It costs me abut $100 to get my burberry coat shortened and $250 to get a chanel jacket taken in and the shoulders flattened. It depends on the tailor but if you got the coat for a good price, it may be worth it as it will be a custom fit.