Alterations question

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  1. So I went to Macy's today and I found the cutest navy blue Love Moschino shirt and it even has a short "tie" around the collar...From $235 to $15 (yes, $15!) :nuts: And the fabric itself was so nice and professional looking too.

    This particular Macy's does alterations because unfortunately the shirt was a size 10 and I'm a 2...but hey even with the cost of alterations it'll be worth it, right.

    Anyway so the alterations lady came and she looked at it and was like, "no we can't do more than 2 sizes down". I'm like wtf??? This is a basic button down shirt, short sleeved with a little ruffle on the sleeve cuffs. The sleeves itself fit fine...i'm no seamstress but I assumed all she had to do was take it in from the sides ---or even cut the seams and then cut off material, then re-stitch it together?

    So the SA who summoned the alterations lady felt bad coz I had to wait more than 10 mins for the alterations lady to come, and she said, "I'm surprised that she said she can't do it, because it looks pretty should still get it since it's only $15 and see if your local drycleaners/seamstress can do it". And I agreed, so I still bought the shirt. She said there's no problem to return if for some reason other places also say it can't be done.

    Is it really hard to take in a button down shirt from a size 10 to a 2??? My wedding gown was like a size 8 or 10 and that was taken in with no problem....and it had a lot of intricate beading and embroidery to boot! :pout:
  2. It really doesn't sound worth it to me. As to level of complexity, even if you take it in from the sides I imagine the darts would be in the wrong area, the armholes can be difficult to move, and the length and size of the collar are probably wrong. Basically it sounds like a tailor would have to make a new shirt from the material, which I wouldn't trust the local dry cleaner to do. Are you sure you can't find this shirt in your size, and is it really TDF like no other?
  3. Yeah it depends on the cut and for shirts it would be harder...if its a bit then they can usually do a very good job!
  4. Depends on how the shoulder seam and arm holes fit. If they are down by your elbows or half-way down your arm it will be a tough job. But if it's a case where the shirt just has too much fabric in the trunk or body or if the sleeves are too long that might not be so hard to tailor to do.
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    I just posted today the thread about the coat coat was size 12 and I am size 0 . My coat now fit me perfectly ...but my tailor cut the coat into the pieces and just made new one. Same will happen with your shirt , the problem is not make this shirt to fit you, that is all about to make a new one . So, if you love it ... take it .I am happy with my result , but be honest I dont realy carry of the alterations cost.
  6. Take it to a tailor, not just a place that does basic alterations to get an opinion on it.
  7. OH. I missed the part(s) where you said it was on sale. That definitely makes a difference.