alterations from hell

  1. i'm just not having any luck lately!! i bought two GORGEOUS coats from burberry recently and they had the sleeves taken up for me. HOWEVER, when i went to pick it up today at their tailor's shop, i almost had a heart attack! they did NOT respect the integrity of the sleeves at all. they moved up the little loops for the strap on the cuffs and had resewn them all crooked and with strings hanging out! i had them redo it but i really feel like they ruined my coats...which i spent a total of around $2000 for! what should i do? and in this situation, should i be entitled to a replacement or compensation of some sort? heelp!! :sad:
  2. i'm so sorry to hear that :sad:
    did you mention to the tailor before to keep the strap on cuffs and all?
  3. yeah! i emphasized that i wanted everything to look exactly the same...especially the cuff loops! :sad:
  4. well, then you have the rights to be angry with them. you deserved a compensation or some thing for this, it's their mistake after all.
    oh, i feel soooo sooo sorry to hear this.
  5. i'm going to the store in person tomorrow to discuss this with them... i really hope they do SOMETHING. my mother is a huge client of theirs, but everyonce in awhile you do run across some managers that don't put customers first. but for now its agonizing just thinking about it!
  6. good luck there, i wish you all the best :smile:
  7. Alterations for anything is scary. You never know how it's going to turn out. And esp. for you case it sucks. Good luck!
  8. I Have Had Problems With Alterations...The Couple Times It Has Happened They Always Fixed The Problem. Burberry Should Definitely Take Care Of This. I Can't Imagine Them Doing Sloppy Work. Please Let Us Know What Happens.
  9. yeah, seriously :sad: some people are just so careless... and around here, there arent really any good tailors. that's one of the reasons why i love the ysl boutique on maiden lane in san francisco. they overnighted this tunic i bought to their OWN ysl tailor in beverly hills and then overnighted it back to me. now why can't gucci and burberry do that instead of sending their items to some dodgy little shop?
  10. why didnt you ask burberry to alter it for you?
  11. If it was Burberry who did the alterations I would insist on a brand new coat and have it done right this time. I always have alterations done at the store where I buy the clothes this way they screw up it's theirs and they will either refund or replace. Good luck!
  12. Were the alternations at Burberry or somewhere else? If at Burberry I'm sure they have to redo or give you a new coat and redo them. Is this tailor usually good?
  13. this burberry boutique doesn't have their own inhouse alterations like ysl and chanel do. they send theirs out to a tailor in the area. i've had things done by this tailor from gucci and they were pretty good, but this time... i don't know what happened!!
  14. If the work is being done on behalf of Burberry the store is still responsible. For the money you paid I would insist on a new coat done properly!
  15. good luck I would be soooo pissed