Alter_ego78: Fake Bags from Korea look like:

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  1. Alter_ego78 had a question about this bag:
    That hangtag is what the fake bags that come from Korea look like. Note that there is no stitching around it. My ex husband was stationed there a couple of times and bought me fake Coach's. They are very good fakes, good quality, and sometimes even have correct serial #'s. You will probably notice that the zipper is not as solid and does not close as smoothly as a Coach.
    I tried to locate your thread in "authenticate this" but could not find it.
    fake.jpg fake2.jpg
  2. It's in the shopping sub-forum, above the ads, I had a hard time finding it also.
  3. Actually my older genuine coach bags don't have stitching around the hang tag either.
  4. :yes: Yes, the tags look like that on all my 'vintage' Coach leather bags too
  5. And, as I mentioned in the previous thread, this is an authentic bag from many years back from the Panama collection. I owned a bag from this collection - it was a small Market tote. :yes:
  6. Please post all authenticity questions in the AUTH THIS thread in the SHOPPING area
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