Also posted in Fendi: worth ebaying or not?

  1. Hello, I don't know if anyone can help with this but I have a Fendi holdall/overnight bag that I never ever use. So I was thinking of ebaying it as it's still in pretty good condition despite being ten years old BUT I don't know whether it's worth doing that because the size would make it awkward to post & maybe expensive too? :s

    Also, I did a search on eBay for completed auctions for Fendi and it only came up with handbags and purses, not luggage, so I have no idea what sort of price to put up.

    Any advice gratefully received! Cherrydrop xx
  2. Stick it on and cross your fingers. :smile:
  3. You can always pre-box it and take it to your post office to get a good quote. I've sold a complete vintage Gucci luggage set and had no problems sending it. Just remember to pack the bag the same way YOU would want to receive it.