also looking for shoe pairing advice for this dress...

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm going to a fairly dressy (I was told a floor-length dress or fancy below-the-knee dress would be appropriate) birthday party in a few weeks. I'm planning to wear this dress (***IN BLACK***)


    I want to dress it up with some CLs but I'm not sure which ones would be best. What do you all think? I'll warn you in advance that fuschia isn't really my color.

    Also does anyone have any other ideas about how to accessorize this dress nicely?

    Thanks in advance for your help!!
  2. Wine patent Rolando
    Black patent Joli (this might be too boring, as the dress is black too)
    Very Prives, sequined or leather
  3. I like the Joli, too. I like that it is open on the sides, which I think will be a nice contrast to the dress. I've seen the nude and black, but does that style come in different colors? Because you need some pop, and the black might not do it. But if it does come in other colors, I think it would make a great choice.
  4. (That's a J.Crew dress! ... Okay, back on track...)

    I vote for Very Prive--w/ different color toe--or slingback Numero Prive.
  5. Since the dress is basic, I think that you have more freedom to be creative with your shoe choice. What are the choices in your collection or are you looking to buy a new pair for this occasion?
  6. Wine Rolandos would really give it a pop of color. Ooh maybe red crepe Ambrosinas?
  7. leopard Rolandos!!! Anything leopard for that matter.
  8. I could go either way in terms of new vs. something I already have. Shoes I already have that may be appropriate include:

    red/black architeks
    these in red (not CLs, I know)
    black helmoons

    I have a lot of other CLs but my collection tends towards shoes that I can wear every day (5 pairs of simple pumps in different colors, turtle patent VPs, the short heeled VPs, etc.).

    If I have to choose something in my collection, I'd probably lean towards the Valentinos I linked to above, but this might be a fun chance to buy something a little more out there.

    Thanks for the suggestions so far. Keep 'em coming!
  9. Looking at the picture of the dress, it seems like the fabric is very light/thin. If it is as light/thin as I think it is, more delicate shoes would be paired best with the dress. I lean towards strappy sandals and peeptoe styles in cases like that.

    I know it's nonCL, but I like the red satin Valentino's you posted. If you're looking to a CL in sort of the same style I would say the satin Jolie Noeud mules/sling in bright hues. I think something like the glitter No. Prives would look nice against the black.
  10. OMG I was going to get the black Valentino heels! You should wear the red ones with your dress. That would look amazing. :yes:
  11. Oh the valentinos are TDF!!! I would go with those or the jolie! However the helmoon might be really sexy then you can just pair it with a red clutch!
  12. I LOVE those Valentinos!!! They will definitely make your dress fancier. However, I do like Noe's idea of the Helmoons with a red clutch. A

    nother idea is the classy Mouche in black.

    Your dress is simple enough to pull of this Manolo beauty from NM......
  13. Dknigh21, the Joli d'orsays come in silver glitter patent as well. :tup:
  14. The Manolos, Lynn posted are awesome. And yes, the dress is simple enough to pull thoese off.

  15. Thanks for the info. That sounds like it would be amazing. I think that I've just added another pair of shoes to my wish list.