Also, looking for a PCE code

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  1. I am looking for a code too, please DM me if you have one.

    thanks so much!
  2. Me too, thanks in advance! 😊
  3. I got mine, going to do some damage to my wallet. :smile:
  4. Me too, please! I went in the coach store for the first time in years and I have fallen in love with some beautiful bags. Oh, I wish I can buy them all...:biggrin:

  5. If you go into a Coach store instead of buying online you can ask the SA if they can give you the discount even if you didn't get an invite. Sometimes they will oblige you and give it to you. I'm sure it depends on the store, but it's worked for me before.
  6. Thank you! That's a great idea and I really having nothing to lose! I called the store today and asked for the SA that helped me. She wasn't in, but will call me back today or tomorrow. She was really kind and helpful so I'm hoping she will make the exception since I explained that I haven't bought coach in years, but really loved the new 2016 re-vamped bags.