Also got my first b-bag today!

  1. I've been visiting the forum and checking things out for a while -- thanks to all of you for what I've learned. I came across a picture of the partition bag somehow on bagsnob. I was interested, but felt like I needed to see it in person. Saw it while up in Vancouver last weekend, and :heart:loved it:heart: in person. BUT, it was $2400 at Holt Renfrew there. I definitely remembered the mention I'd seen of it being less than that, plus that was pushing the limits of handbag spending for me...actually, it was over the limits. So, I spent part of the day on Monday calling every Barney's store in the country, and thanks to Liza in Dallas, my Partition arrived this morning! :yahoo:
  2. Yay for you -- Congrats, the partition bag is so cool!!!!!!
    (Liza rocks, you lucked out with her!)
    Please post some pics so we can oooh and ahhh over your new bag with you. What color?
  3. Very cool! Congrats!!! Pictures please!! :smile:
  4. Here are pics, hopefully. I've never tried posting pictures before, so hopefully doing this right. No exciting color name on the tags & such, just plain old "dark brown" (I think the partition only comes in a few colors, or at least I've only seen it in a few. The brown had a lot more of a sheen to it, sort of a bronzy look, that I liked better than the black.)

    Folded up, short version - in natural sunlight

    Long version (w/flash)

  5. Ooo, cool! LOVE the leather on it- congrats!!!
  6. the leather is amazing!
  7. What a stunning bag! The leather is beautiful, congrats!
  8. the leather looks so yummy!!! congrats!
  9. Wow. A very cool bag - a new style to me, that's for sure. Lovely leather. I too wish to see it in person!

  10. Wow that leather looks great!!!!!! Congrats to you!!!!!
  11. Beautiful. So classy.
  12.'s very unique! The leather is gorge :p!! CONGRATS!
  13. Congrats!! Love the color and the leather. :tup:
  14. Congrats on your first balenciaga!!

    It's a gorgeous, elegant bag
  15. wow - gorgeous! I haven't seen that style before - lovely! :tup: