also, any ideas on Mischa's bag?

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Sorry, but both of these bags (this one and the Nicole Richie one) have been driving me crazy trying to figure out what they are! Note the chain on the side - is it Zac Posen maybe?
  2. It's Zac Posen
  3. Yes, It's Zac Posen and it retails for $1,500.:flowers:
  4. It's not the Aurora, right? Do you know what the style's name is?
  5. It's the alexia and i think it retails for $1250 actually.
  6. Oh wow...I had no idea the Alexia was that big! I am in love with that bag!

  7. Bag with the chain is "absolutely" Zac Posen, and its Gorgeous IRL. Also comes in beautiful color combinations. Younmay want to check at Nordstrom.
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