also a sky blue

  1. Fake as well :sad:
  2. gosh, how can you tell?!
  3. ...this one is also fake :sad:
  4. the numbers, tag, leather, color, hardware, etc.. are all wrong.
  5. wow, you're good. can you authenticate the day bag i just got yesterday, based on this one pictures?
  6. :huh:
  7. ^ I think I said it before, but that one looks fine to me. Did you buy it off ebay? If you have the auction link I can tell you for sure.
  8. i think it looks good too dmc2007, but i'm not an expert :oh:
  9. ^ yes, this one is authentic. :smile:
  10. HEE HEE HEE> :graucho: Thank you very much!