Alright, Who Got Hit?

  1. This past Memorial Day Weekend was GORGEOUS in Southern California, and apparently, there was a cold/cough virus bug running around for some reason!

    I was at the beach on friday, saturday, and sunday... and monday I got hit!! ZOMG!:shocked: :shocked: I was super bummed cuz today was my first day at the new job!! gah! :rant: I have a horrible cough/sneeze/runny nose.

    If it wasn't for Advil Cold & Sinus for daytime, and Theraflu Severe Cold at night, I'd be in waaaaaaaay worse conditions..

    god this is so annoying.. beautiful weather/temperatures, and I can't enjoy it. ughhhhhh.

    A couple coworkers got hit with the bug too!! Anyone else?! gah this is so gross.
    [/end rant]
  2. I have it I have it!!! I'm in Ohio, but I am hurting bad over here!!!!! Feel better
  3. Yep Jimmy I'm only a few minutes from you. Its been a week now and Im FINALLY getting over the same exact thing! How do ya like that freakin' sore throat? All I can say is OUCH!!
  4. how weird - my son went to his grad night for the 8th grade on friday and he came home with a cold and cough! :sad:
  5. Did you send that sore throat cross country??? Because it is KILLER :cry:
  6. The bug definitely made its way to the Northeast -- I started getting it on Friday and went downhill from there. What a way to spend the long weekend!! :rant:
  7. I'm down with the cough along with weird eyes (mild pain finally going awya but still can't tolerate bright light much). I think it's finally coming to an end.
  8. I got hit with it Saturday morning. Cold/Cough/Fever. Feeling better now though! My hubby got hit with it the Thursday before. Kids before that. None of us escaped it this time!!!
  9. I'm terribly sick right now (hence the shortness of this post).
  10. i'm sorry to hear it girls!!!!
    just try to feel better!:flowers::flowers:
  11. It is definitely a bad virus. It was the worst sore throat I ever had. At one point I even lost my voice. Then it turns into a wonderful cough that lasts another week.

    It seems if you get the fever or headcold/runny nose you are out of is sooner than if you just get the sore throat.

    Good luck - at least you have tPF to pass the time!
  12. my entire family got a nasty cold on mother's day. i'm 95% better my dad's 100% fine and my mom's like 85% better. it was pretty bad.
  13. I GOT IT!

    I thought I was going crazy because it is SO warm in Los Angeles right now.. but I feel awful, especially in the morning. My throat is killing me.
  14. i'm GLAD i was away this weekend then... i just got over my 3rd cold of the season! starting from like april i was sick for 2 weeks, well for 2 wks, sick for 2 wks, etc.
  15. god.. i just got it on monday, and i started my first day of work at the new job on tuesday.. today it got WORSE.. the meds did NOTHING..omg. ugh. and i've been training and getting new information like crazy at work.. working full days (8-5) too.. omg..

    this is SO NOT good for my body. >_<