alright, that's it. the end of the world is approaching...

  1. i, kallison, have somehow talked myself out of all but ONE bag on my wishlist. mind you, this was NOT my intention. with the pce approaching, i was getting excited about new things...and you all know how i spend spend spend (!)

    that means no mandy. no carly. no oxford slim tote. no soho blue hobo. no scarf print ergo. no accessories, either. :wtf:

    i want the large ergo hobo in turquoise. that's IT. and i can't even do the pce on that.

    either it's the apocalypse or i'm really, really sick...

    either way, i need you all to talk some sense into me...we just simply cannot have this! all these pretty bags need a new mommy, and i could SO be it- if i could just love them...:s
  2. Ok, you need to take your temp first off! :yucky:

    And second, get a Carly you must!!!

    I LOVE MINE its to die for truly!!!!!!:heart:
  3. i know. i've had TWO carlys and returned each of them.

    and i wanted to buy back the first one (khaki sig with chambray) because i have been KICKING myself since i returned it...and now it's sold out in the large. :crybaby:...and i don't want another color (hated the black sig, the leather one doesn't do anything for me...)
  4. I have the Khaki/Saddle and love it, the Suede Carly's are nice too... mmm I'd like to get my hands on one! :nuts:
  5. i LOVE the blue suede one...but i'm using it for school stuff- no way on earth i'm putting that suede on our school's dirty floors.
  6. Only buy what you can't live without. It sounds like you have to have a Carly!! ;o)
  7. I told you to keep that Carly because it looked AMAZING on you. BUT the saddle would look great too. Get the Carly because you will be that person who will also have wanted it and when its gone you'll be so sad.
  8. Most deffinately get the Carly, which ever color is avail the style is still so cute. A perfect bag for school!:yahoo:
  9. honestly, if i can't get the chambray, i don't want ANY of them.
  10. First of all kallison, you have to get something. After all, you ARE the "enabler". Lol.

    Second, *L.M*, could you post a pic of you wearing the Carly?
  11. Kallison,
    You should try to get a Large Carly.......I'm sure you have done this, but have you done a store search for the Chambray one? I'm thinking of getting the Saddle/Khaki in Large. I think you should get the Ergo looks like a GREAT size! But get your Large Carly somehow too....esp. if you can't stop thinking about it!
  12. i know...i'll end up getting something, for sure.

    and i loved my carly (and, damn, it looked good on me!)...but, *sigh*...
  13. but the ONLY one i want is the chambray. and it's sold out.

    maybe i'll just stick with the ergo hobo. (and i want to know WHY they won't let me order it in the store, yet it's available online...grrr.)
  14. I'd say either get
    that ergo in turquoise, soho blue hobo, scarf print ergo (one of those)


    one of these: mandy. no carly. no oxford slim tote

    Like one shoulder and one totish bag you can use for school.

    As for the accessories... I would have to knock some sense into you, but theres not a lot this month I want either. Me want shoesss!
  15. Well, first, will a SA keep an eye out on that chambray Carly for you? You never know when there might be a return on one. If you can't get that one, I'd skip any other Carly since that is the one you love. It'll show up on eBay sooner or later, I'm sure. Second, you already know you want the ergo hobo so get that. And as for the Mandy, depends on if you can live without it. If you can't get the Carly then perhaps pick up the Mandy? Either way, you end up with two bags; either a Carly and an Ergo hobo or Mandy and the hobo! That's not so bad and you can still enable the rest of us! (I actually am not making any PCE plans as I don't believe I will qualify so if you need to buy stuff on your PCE card to feel better perhaps you can play my personal shopper?! LOL! :graucho: :graucho: :graucho: )