Alright My Darling BBag friends, who wants to meet in Vegas?

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  1. Here it is everyone: WHo wants to have a meet up in Las Vegas sometime during Feb 13-15? Then we can hit Neimans and see what they have! If lots (or any) of you want to do this LMK. I think that it would be so fun! I want my tpf bff Elliemay there to. Can you do it girl?

    I will be in Vegas for a huge tradeshow for my jewlery buisness and DH has to look at alot of crapola for the General Merchandise part of his buisness.

    This is also our 10th anniversary. We were married in Vegas at the Silver Bells Wedding Chapel on Feb 14th 1998. I was barely 20!!!!

    I want to party hard (that means spend Dh's money) every chance I can get while I am there. Please join me darlings, we would have so much fun.

  2. Really, nobody????
  3. It sounds fun, I wish I could be there! :girlsigh: Vegas on Valentine's day, partying and shopping!
  4. Awwwwwwwww, I'd love to come, however going for New Years Eve instead!
  5. Shasta... I would SO love to go and meet with you all! But there's no way in hell I can escape Toronto with kids, dogs, work....oh yeah...DH....but it's not for lack of enthusiasm! Just lack of time and money!! I hope you get some takers...because at the very least, I want pics!! (Yes, I know, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!! :sneaky:)
  6. I will be there end of January. Sorry to miss the party!
  7. ^^ sounds like fun, wish i could!!! :tender:
  8. I am going next week, I will miss you all too!
  9. Well, I hope that my new turquoise city will be in to take there!
  10. sounds like so much, wish I would be in vegas.
  11. Oh Shasta, that sounds like so much fun!
    Unfortunately I have some V-day traditions with my DH that can't be changed!:p
  12. I was just in Vegas this August, I LOVED it! Have fun!
  13. Shasta, wish I could, but we just returned from there a couple of weeks ago, and I have spent my $$ allotment on gambling - I have to wait until next November before I can spend more. I could not live in Las Vegas - I love to gamble, and you know you can't win...I'm a total addict when it comes to gambling. My husband is afraid to leave me alone! LOL! He'll call the room, and I'll be downstairs gambline. He'll call my cel, and say, "Where are you?" like he doesn't know exactly where I am!!! Hehehehe! But you have a great time! Party hard, girl!
  14. I wish I could! Have fun!
  15. I would be keen as mustard to meet up, but I live in a different hemisphere