Alright Mr Demille. I'm ready for my close up..

  1. :woohoo:
  2. Wait, Charles. I'm confused. Is one of those you? I saw a "Charles" in the credits, but I didn't recognize one of the guys as you. Of course I've never seen you irl, and only in your avatar. Just couldn't figure it out. ??
  3. 0:44 - That's you, right?
  4. I'm the guy asking people if they know who alexis cone is..and the guy with the shades on talking about her moving to paris with painters. I'm also at the very end, on the far left. Tristan is the young boy, obvs, and Kara is the girl with the mauvey, pinky shirt and shades.

    Alexis is a good friend of ours so we volunteered to help out with her promo video. It's kind of a joke..
  5. A Star is born!!
  6. Aww. Good voice. And CUTE. Bound to get noticed!! Months from now we'll all be saying, "Oh, I remember Charles "When..." :~)
  7. ummmkay.
  8. :woohoo:!!
  9. Fabulous! I thought it was very clever!!
  10. Oh my God!! Can I touch you?
  11. :roflmfao::lol:
  12. :shocked::weird::huh:
  13. :hrmm:
  14. dude, who knew, charles is kind of a hottie. kara's really cute too!