Alright ladies, it's time for another handbag! :)

  1. I am moving to Australia tomorrow so it's time for one last COACH bag for a while :crybaby:

    So please help me pick!!

    This bag is, as most bags have been for me lately, a pleasure buy, not a necessity so I just can't decide... (it makes it so much harder if you have a handbag in every basic color already:nuts: )

    I am currently lusting after this beauty-the Hamptons Pebbled Leather Medium Satchel:love:

    I'll post pics as soon as I get it!:yes:

    Thanks in advance!!:flowers:
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  2. My friend has it in White and it's beautiful. I've seen the pink in boutiques and Its nice as well, but I love the white

    Good Luck in Australia
  3. Wow! What a big move - good luck! As for the bag, if you want practical, I'd go camel, otherwise, I love the pink!
  4. That is a BEAUTIFUL choice!

    Wow! Australia! Hope all goes well! :yes:
  5. I'd go for the coral! It's gorgeous!
  6. good luck on the move - punch!
  7. Punch! Good luck on the move.
  8. The red (punch?) one!

    My SIL lives in Australia!

    Good luck with moving! It's a LONG plane ride from the Northeast!
  9. I love the pink one! My second choice would be the white.
  10. Since it's a pleasure buy, go for the coral red one...
  11. Are you excited about your move? Work related? Good Luck....By the Coach in Australia?
  12. I like the white.
  13. kay' here's my 2 cents.

    the red, you really have to love it to want it, because IRL it's like a light red?

    the white is gorgeous but not good for everyday, it's pebbled and pebbled leather can't be white wouldn't be good unless you're super careful (i have met a lady who has had her suede bag for over 2 years and it was perrrrrrfect condition!)

    the camel color is my favorite. because it's light enough to compliment brown, but not brown enough to not be able to wear with black (some pple are anal about that, dunno about you, but just throwing that out just in case)

    overall the camel color will go with a lot IMO so that'll be the one i'd pick, because i'd want to pick out my outift, any, without having to worry if it'll match the bag, if it's an everyday bag kwim?
  14. I like the white best! good luck!
  15. ms-whitney raised some great points. go for the camel and happy moving!