Alright ladies, get your thinking caps on!

  1. I need one of you to identify Lindsay's clutch in this picture! Much appreciation :heart:
  2. It's Marc Jacobs. I think it's called the Mahogany. If you search the Marc Jacobs forum, I'm sure there are several posts regarding this bag. It's gorgeous!
  3. Oh my, I kind of thought it was a Jimmy Choo! It's gorgeous, isn't it? :love: Lohan seems to be getting her fashion sense back!
  4. Well this is depressing. I simply can NOT find this clutch anywhere online! :sad:
  5. Oh Wow, that clutch is GORGE. I love love love that.
  6. It's gorgeous.....but I'm very distracted by her middle finger. :upsidedown:
  7. LOL I just noticed the middle finger! ;p
  8. Isn't it convenient and thoughtful of her to hold it up to the camera like that so we can get a good look at it? :lol:

    Sorry, I have no idea what it is though!