Alright Ladie$ & Gent$, Please indulge me...

  1. Let me start off by saying that in the beginning of my purse obsession, I had no love for LV. THEN, I got the Abbesses:yes: . Then, I HAD TO GET the Keepall 55:yahoo: . Then, I COULDN'T RESIST the Red Vernis GM:nuts: . Of course I had to accept the Riviera as a Xmas gift (even though I don't celebrate Xmas);) . FINALLY, I had to covet the Miroir Pochette.:wlae:

    SO MY FELLOW PURSE LOVERS, I HEREBY ADMIT MY LV ADDICTION. Thank God its not intravenous!:sweatdrop: Can you imagine tapping your shoulders everytime you carry a LV bag?:s

    Anyways, please enjoy my photos!:p
    lv_purses.jpg lv_riviera.jpg lv_travel1.jpg lv_travel2.jpg
  2. congrats~! :smile:
  3. Very nice!!!!!!!! Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  4. FABULOUS buys!!! I esp. LOVE the red vernis GM!!!:nuts:
  5. Congrats! Love the riveria, Iwant it in red, trying to find a gold hardware hold out!
  6. Envy, love you and that hot Vernis!!!
  7. Great bags!! Congrats on a great collection!
  8. That's a super collection!
  9. Thanks everyone!!!:flowers:

    I :love: You Swanky!!! Don't worry... I have not forgotten Chanel.:heart:
  10. the riviera look really chic ;)
  11. welcome to the dark side :graucho:
  12. Great buys!! LOVE the vernis :smile:
  13. Love the GM Vernis.... Congrats on your new passions!
  14. Pretty! You've got some nice pieces!
  15. love that riviera!