Alright Kooba Forum, it's time to wake up! Post your funnies HERE!

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  1. Hey gals, I know the lackluster fall collection has got some of us down, and it seems like we're in a bit of a rut here on the ole Kooba board. :crybaby:

    If you're like me... and you miss the wit, the banter, and the obsessing... please join me in waking up the Kooba Forum!

    Post your funnies HERE! (It'll give us something to do as we wait for new bags!)
  2. Wouldn't you be tired if you went on a major cat food binge?

  3. How 'bout this kitty in a doll house?

  4. This is a question I would ask...

  5. [​IMG]
  6. HAA!!! the funeral director! I would have added some expletives!!!
  7. shoot I'm trying to upload something...
  8. mens meeting.jpg
  9. I always chuckle at this one...

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  10. Oh, so funny and so true Ms. Lizardo! I love that! :roflmfao:

  11. This gave me a chuckle a couple of weeks ago

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  12. LOL... I dont know if this really counts as a 'funny..

    I was looking through the new season Kooba's today, just to check if I was wrong and there was something decent on offer.
    I came across the Kooba Jennifer, only my eyes didnt see a 'bag' but instead I saw Makka Pakka's head! Now for all you non UK-ers out there, Makka Pakka is a character from a kids TV show called 'In the Night Garden'.
    I cant paste an image of him as its protected, but click the link and see how his head is like the Kooba Jennifer!! Even the circular brass handle holders are just like his eyes!!!

  13. Here's a quick screen shot of Makka, aka "Jennifer"...LOL


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  14. How's this for funny - In digging through all of my bags to sort keep from not keep, I ran across several old bags from the pre-Kooba (and other designers) days.

    This Wanna Be Sienna was purchased at Penny's for somewhere around $40-$60 on sale. I don't remember how many years ago this was....or why I kept the faux suede thing. Heh.

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  15. I lurk on this forum as I only have one Kooba (a forest suede Lena which I love), but this is one of the funniest things I've ever seen! I can NOT stop laughing!!!! :roflmfao::lol::roflmfao: