Alright, I'm thisclose to my first bbag! Advice please!

  1. Well ladies, after almost a year of drooling and wanting and waiting, my 35th bday is just around the corner and I am just a couple weeks away from being able to get my first bbag!

    I know I want anthracite - I have to be somewhat practical in the color choice b/c this may very well be the first and last bbag purchase for some time (we are doing some major work on the house AND I'm pregnant, so spending must be curbed indefinitely after the bday), so I wanted something that will be somewhat timeless, wouldn't really show darkening, but yet still not be just black.

    Now, my need in the advice department is twofold. First, I've seen and love both the twiggy and city styles, but am not positive which to go with - I don't carry a ton, so a medium sized bag is usually fine, and I would probably base the final decision on which would go on my shoulder more comfortably (for reference, I'm 5'6" and have extremely broad shoulders and while I am not heavy, I'm obviously preggo and far from petite even when not "in the family way"!). Second, as far as getting an anthracite bag goes, I'm near KoP in PA and was wondering if anyone knows if NM in KoP has any anthracite in stock (I know Joann Schepp doesn't carry the usual motorcycle sytles) or if there's anywhere else in the Philly area to try. Otherwise, should I just order from BalNY?

    Also, in case you guys respond and I don't for a while, please bear with me - work is beyond chaotic lately and due to the work on the house, I don't have internet access there so sometimes it takes me a while between posting to respond.

    I'm soooooo excited about being on the verge of becomming a proud bbag owner! I've been having dreams about blue bbags which I told my husband meant we were having a boy (when I was pregnant with my daughter, I kept having dreams about pink bathrooms). He said it just means I'm obsessed with the bags! I corrected him and said maybe it's a sign that not only are we having a boy, but we're having a boy AND I definitely should get my bag! He had no comment . . .

    Anyway, I'll stop babbling and thank you all in advance for the help!
  2. Congrats on both your baby and on getting a bbag!! :party:

    I've had both City & Twiggy styles. I sent back the Twiggy, I just don't think it slouched nicely on the shoulder - the shape was unattractive & looked like a duffle/gym bag on my shoulder :push: I now have a City and I LOOOOOVE it. I don't put alot in her (I honestly don't - I can barely fill up my First!) & she still falls sooo nicely when worn on the shoulder :jammin: So as far as style's go, I'd rec the City. I'm 5'8" btw.
  3. I have a lot of different styles in my collection and I really like them all! I guess since you are about to have a baby (CONGRATS) you will probably need a fairly big bag and need to be able to hang it on your shoulder sometimes SO with knowing that I would say look into a Part Time, Day or City depending on how much room you need. I would say check out the Purse style, too, but you said you wanted Anthra and they quit making the Purse last year. Make sure and let us know what you decide on and WELCOME to the Bbag addiction!:yahoo:
  4. Willowsmom, congrats on the baby and making it to the bbag sub-forum. I remember seeing you over in the Coach one. Anthracite is a great choice for a bbag, I am finding myself wanting this color also. I think you should go with the City, and I don't think NM carries this color. I live near K of P mall too, and the times I've been there I've never seen an Anthracite bag. If you aren't certain about the bag, I would order from someone else other than BalNY. Their return policy isn't great. Aloharag allows returns as well as some other stores (I think Saks and Barneys).

    Again, welcome to the Bbag obsession!
  5. Welcome! And congrats on the pregnancy!

    I think you should go with a City. The City is a solid classic, beloved by the vast majority of Bal fans. The size is practical and roomy, while not being too large. The slouch, whether carried via strap or handles, is perfect. It can be dressed up, or down.

    The Twiggy is, for some, an acquired taste, and I would recommend it as a second or third bag. I agree that the slouch of a Twiggy is not as attractive when carried by the strap. However, when a Twiggy is carried over the shoulder via the handles, it's smashing! A casual, hip look. (not as easy to dress up as a City, however)

    And BTW, Neiman-Marcuses countrywide didn't order anthracite. You'll have to try BalNY, Saks, or boutiques such as AlohaRag. Check out the "Read Me" at the top of this subforum for places to shop B-bags.

    Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy!
  6. congrats on ur pregnancy :dothewave:
    i'm going to say a work, but then i decided i would suggest the city, because it had the extra strap
  7. I know its not on your list, but I would recommend a day bag since you are pregnant. You might not carry a lot with you right now, but you will need the extra space te day bag offers once you have your baby. The day bag looks good when its nearly empty and when its full, stays on the shoulder while you are getting the baby in and out of the stroller/car seat.

    If you really want either a twiggy or a city, then I prefer the twiggy. The handles on the city don't go over my shoulder comfortably and whenever I would wear the strap on my shoulder I would have to fidget with the handles in order for them to lay right.
  8. Thanks for the advice and the feedback everyone! I am leaning a bit more toward the city (circoit - I know the day is roomy, I just don't love the look of it as much) and will probably go with aloharag or BalNY for ordering. I'll let you guys know what I decided on when I finally do it!

    Thanks for the congrats on the pregnancy too - that's so sweet!
  9. Yea!!! :yahoo: Good to see you over here on the "dark side", willowsmom!! And congrats again!!

    Well... I think your color choice is awesome... and deciding between the Twiggy & City would be hard... Given that you'll probably want this bag to translate from work to personal life, I would say the City is a good choice, because it would go well in your professional work environment...

    Additionally, if you are just wanting to use it when away from work?? I would vote Twiggy... it seems like it would be baby friendly for carrying the essentials, and also the fact that the handles go over your shoulder easily in addition to the strap is a bonus...

    Either way - congrats on the baby & getting your first bbag! :yes: Keep us posted!
  10. City or a Work (plus a little makeup clutch..he he)
  11. I love the city size and the anthracite color. The two are so pretty together. Congratulations on your pending purchase and bambino. How really really exciting. I know that with each pregnancy for me I had to get a bag - glad to see that someone else gets the same cravings.
  12. I agree with all the above. I actually just listed both my twiggys. One of the reasons being the shape (not necessarily the main reason, but one of them). The city however looks great when in action or not and multiple ways: hand held, nice slouch. On the shoulder, cool vibe and slouch. (even across the body messenger style!).

    Overall the city is just a great size, holds lots and looks great full or empty. Its an overall winning bag.
  13. Congrats on your pregnancy! :jammin:There's a reason why the city style is so popular, because it's the best style and size, IMHO. That shoulder strap will come in handy when the baby arrives!:yes:
  14. Yes :yes: The City looks great worn in EVERY way. I totally agree :yahoo:

    Keep us updated on what you decide:wlae:
  15. Thanks again for the info guys! I think I'm going with the City. Now one more question - do I deal w/BalNY or aloha rag? I emailed aloha rag and they have the anthracite city in stock (I may have to move on this a little sooner than my bday - oh well:graucho: - to ensure they don't run out), and I know they give you a break on s&h (and tax I think?) and have a better return policy BUT, am I better off w/BalNY (and dealing w/one of the good SAs I've read about) to ensure I get a good bag and just dealing w/the extra $?

    Thanks again for the input - it's greatly appreciated!