Alright, I'll admit it. I actually like Britney's new song.

  1. And the video isn't too bad, though it's obvious there was a lot of professional retouching. Her size changes throughout the thing. I'm not a Britney fan and I think the girl has issues, but yeah, I'll admit it, the song made me bob my head. Anyone else? Thoughts?

    Watch it here:
  2. She always had good songs. I like to work out to her music because it keeps me moving.
  3. I like the words/meaning behind the song. She is right about all of that. but I feel like the beat is off with the words, like it doesn't always seem like it matches up :shrugs:
  4. At least it's better than "Gimme More"! I wanted less of that song! :roflmfao:

    ETA: It's nice to see you out and about this morning, Megs!
  5. She actually looks good in the video.
  6. yeah.... I like it to. :s I listened to this non stop at the gym on Sunday...

    EDIT: just watched the video. It seems to me that she can't perform anymore. I don't know she seems stiff or something, like she's not trying.
  7. Yeah, she just stands there through most of it... like she is too lazy/messed up to dance. And if you watch carefully, the size of her waist changes throughout the entire thing. On perez hilton they show a cut of the video before it was retouched-- they went way overboard with retouching. Look how "tiny" she is in the purple dress towards the end of the video; it's so obviously fake.

    But I still like the song :jammin:
  8. I agree with wordpast it seems like she canot dance like she used to she seems very stiff. she looks good but her belly needs toning- although I am not saying she is fat I think after 2 kids her body is great. Just i would not wear that on tv if i was not as fit as i used to be. I actually prefer gimmie more
  9. Before and after:



    Perez has a link to the side by side footage.
  10. it's too techno to me. . . I can't stand all those bizarre video game sound effects.
    I like some techno, so I'm probably just being spiteful. I turn the radio when she comes on, I'm not putting one cent into that hawt messes pocket:nogood:
  11. OK, I am not afraid to admit that I bought Brit's cd the day it came out, and I am also not afraid to admit that it has not been out of my cd player since then.

    She is def a screwed up gal, but I still love her!!!!
  12. Sadly, I agree. I would not call her music quality or classic, but I have downloaded some songs b/c the beat keeps me moving when I can drag my butt to the gym. I have not heard this, but she usually has good beats in the background to keep moving w/.
  13. It does have a good beat, but her voice is too processed for my taste!
  14. my friends bought her new CD and they really like it. She's always had good songs
  15. i still love her! i know shes lost her mind and it makes me so sad but ive always been a fan and ive been rocking "do somethin'" since before she lost her mind :smile:
    and i think a lot of the new cd isnt that great BUT the new song piece of me i think has a great msg and i def like it! :smile: come on britney come on back to us stop being a psycho! :smile: