Alright, I need help.

  1. Hey guys. I'm having something of a dilemma and I knew no-one would be able to help me like my bbag girlies.

    I'm coming to the end (hopefully) of a rather s$%*£y temp job, at which I've worked very hard and earned a lot of kudos with my employers. I've been saving my pennies and have decided to reward myself. Guess how?;)

    Anyway, here's my dilemma. What the heck should I get? I'll add a little picture of what I've got now:

    Picture 035.jpg

    Its the same as my avi picture, but just a bit bigger. This was taken when the Rouille was brand new - its got a lot more red in it now that its broken in some. I really need new pictures.:shame:

    Anyway, back to my original question - what next? I'm kind of leaning towards another Day, but I'm open to any and all suggestions, especially in terms of colour. But no white - I'm not careful enough. As you can see I'm not afraid of colour, so hit me with what you got.

    Oh, and I couldn't care less about matching with my outfits - I wear black pants and coloured tops for work, jeans for casual.

    Okay, I'll shut up now. Have at it!
  2. How about a Work or the Hobo then?
  3. Oooookayyy, just tried to edit my message and it wouldn't let me, so I'll say it here instead:

    No Twiggies, Purses or Firsts. They're lovely styles, don't get me wrong, but they all look terrible on me. Trust me on that. Sorry, I should have put that in the original post. Thank you for your time.
  4. What about the mini bowling or the mid afternoon???
    The brief?? but i like it only with GH...
  5. I think something in the Blue family. My first thought was the French Blue 07 since you love color.

    If you were thinking more of a neutral I would go with Marine which is darker and a neutral but still a "color".

    I would do a city because I think the size is perfect. French Blue City.
  6. French Blue!! in a day : ) mmmmmm It's such a bright, gorgeous colour and if you can carry off Appley Green, you can carry off French Blue!

    I wish you well,

  7. something ink or marine!!
  8., french blue, cafe and if you can find it on eBay... magenta, turquoise, eggplant.....
  9. Anthracite office:nuts: :drool: :graucho:
  10. work or a first? :p
    i'll go for one is neutral colours like greige, caramel or black :yes:
  11. I agree with the others, if you like blue, then French blue City or Day
  12. I also would vote for something 'blue' .... but I don't know the new blue's IRL actually .... therefore ..... what about the '05 TEAL ;) :s :drool: ???