Alright, I caved in! Introducing my FIRST BIRKIN Baby - Rouge Garance!!

  1. I've realized that I just don't have the patience to wait for "the one" to appear in a store (LOL, likely in Buenos Aires, knowing my luck!) so I caved in and bought my first Birkin from the lovely reseller, lucyndskywdmnds. :flowers:

    I think hell must have officially frozen over when DH okay'ed the marked-up price, but I can't complain... he loved the pics of Rouge Garance... funny, I never really realized how pretty the color was until I saw it next to the other reds! It's such a wearable bright red without the undertones!!

    So introducing my new baby - :love: 35cm Rouge Garance Birkin in Clemence with PH :yahoo::jammin: :yahoo: (I'm thinking of naming her Ruby - is that silly or what?)

    But you know what the bad news is??

    DH won't let me get her/use her until MAY!!! Aargh!
    She's supposed to be my treat for finishing residency and passing my boards (They aren't till the spring but I've pre-emptively bought her :shame: , so keep your fingers crossed that I do pass!) So she'll be waiting for me to use I get the official passing letter...

    I'll be changing my signature to a countdown to pick-up day now!
    I am now NO LONGER on the hunt for a Rouge Birkin!:yahoo:
    H rgarancefront copy.jpg H rgaranceback copy.jpg H rgaranceside copy.jpg
  2. She's a beauty! Use her (when you finally get to) in the best of health. She's worth the wait!
  3. OMG!!! She's a beauty!!! :heart:
    :yahoo: :happydance: :party: :yahoo:

    Here's a :drinkup:for you!!!
  4. OMG!! You got Lucy's Birkin!! It's gorgeous!!! Congratulations, tweetie!! What a great reward for getting through your boards (it beats a carrot dangling on a stick!).

    Woo hooooooo!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  5. Congrates!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL! lucyndskywdmnds used to be a member here. Member ID was 24, F(OT)... is she doing? She always posted alot of gorgeous and pretty pictures...
  6. OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!! IT IS STUNNING!!!!!:nuts: I LOVE that color! You are going to enjoy it so much! Congrats! This is VERY exciting, so beautiful!!!:yahoo: drool....:drool: :drool: :drool:
  7. Congrats!!! What a beauty!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  8. :drool: Absolutely STUNNING!!!! You must be thrilled to bits; I'm so happy for you! Surely between now & May you can take Ruby out (Great name!) & pat her & smell her & hold her a little? ;)
  9. BIG CONGRATS!! YIPPEEEE!! :yahoo: :yahoo:


    PATIENCE and Passing your boards!!!!:yes:
  10. OH Tweetie! I had been eyeing Lucy's bag for a few weeks now---it's absolutely stunning. So glad you got it!!! :yahoo: You'll have to get yourself a Bearn for being able to resist using it until May! It is definitely a well-deserved treat for finishing your residency and passing your boards; you'e certainly got some good motivation now eh? Maybe DH will let you have it in front of you while you study! :nuts:
  11. Hi all! Thanks for the good wishes - I've updated my signature now - yikes, 7 months?!

    Yes, this is Lucy's Birkin - she had a 30cm Rouge Vif chevre that she SO'ed and I think they were too similar for her to justify keeping both, so when DH liked the new red, I figured I better go for it before he changed his mind since he's a bit of a PHH! :lol:

    I remember Lucy (24, F) from here - she's so knowledgeable about Hermes and takes the best pictures... she's doing well. I hope she comes back too! If you're willing to pay a markup, she's an absolutely wonderful seller to work with and has great taste.

    I think the Birkin will be a good motivator to study - it's nice when I'm doing practice questions on the computer and will take a peek during the breaks :graucho:
  12. I have a Bearn already in Rouge H :love: ... hmmm, but I really like the Karo GM that some of you ladies have! I'm using an LV to organize my makeup right now inside my bags. I don't have an H store nearby, but will be travelling to one next month... a vert anis would really pop out against the reds if it's in stock!
  13. oooh, rouge garance is so beautiful!! congrats!!!
  14. TWEETIE!!!!!!

    BIG FAT CONGRATS!!!!! I ADORE that Birkin!!!!!! I have been watching Lucy's auction for a while now, SOOOOOO glad someone here bought it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    What a GREAT day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. beauuuuuutiful! Congratulations!!!:yahoo::yahoo::wlae: