Alright everyone put your heads together for this one!

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  1. So there is this contest that my mother wants to win and we need your help! Can anyone identify this image and what scary movie that it is from?!?! Thank you all & good luck!
  2. Alien?
  3. ^^^Yeah that's what I was thinking....when does your mom have to know by? Caz if DH was here, he could def. tell you, and which one it's from......he's a sci-fi nut....LOL.
  4. You know what, that has to be from the first Alien, because it's pretty high up there in the scary movie countdown, like #2 or something......and I'm guessing this is a Halloween type contest? I would definitely guess that.
  5. Sorry I can't help - I don't watch horror films, I don't think it's Alien though.
  6. Looks like Terminator to me, but is that considered a scary movie?
  7. ^^ I want to say Terminator as well.
  8. Alien vs. Predator? I saw a poster that indicated it's being rereleased or remade.
  9. Terminator was more sci-fi, no? I am going to say Tales from the Crypt. It looks like the Cryptkeeper to me.
  10. Here are posters from Alien vs. Predator.
    841253~Alien-vs-Predator-U-K-Quad-Posters.jpg PF_943261~Alien-vs-Predator-Alien-Advanced-Release-Posters.jpg

  11. I don't know if it is that but it looks like it def not alien, terminator or predator (or variations of)
  12. mmm, some sort of robot zombie... sorry I have no clue!
  13. i don't think it's from a movie that has been mentioned above
  14. Thank you everyone for the guesses so far... I really appreciate it!! Please keep trying!
  15. My first thought was a weird Tales of the Crypt or Evil Dead, maybe Army of Darkness. Other than that, Return of the Living Dead. I watch a ton of 80's horror, but not much past 2000, honestly.

    I would think they wouldn't give you an image from something too terribly obscure.

    Very far-fetched guesses from memory: Dagon, Re-Animator (probably not, maybe I just keep thinking of the green hah), and C.H.U.D minus the green eyes.