already thinking about my next purchase..galliera pm?

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  1. i think my small bag collection is in need of an everyday bag. I'm thinking about getting the galliera pm, but I wanted to know if LV already fixed the issues with the bag. And is there any way to protect the vachetta? thanks in advance!:smile:
  2. i would really really love this in damier ebene w/out having to pay extra for mto, please. :yes:
  3. Great topic. :graucho: I would be interested in reading the answers, since I am thinking of getting the Galliera, but have the same worries.
  4. I don't own this bag, but it seems like a good one! I'd go for it. But you're right, they may not have resolved all the issues with the handles yet. Good luck deciding!
  5. In my experience, I didn't like this bag too much. A friend of mine gave it to me as a present once (pre-loved) and I disliked it a lot. It felt sooooo heavy!

    I mean, the bag with NOTHING in it would be heavy as heck! It wasn't for me, just thought this MIGHT help with your decision :smile:
  6. I have the pm in damier azure and LVOE it ! What are the concerns? I'm somewhatnew to LV.
  7. I read in one of the threads before that the hardware of the bag would leave black marks on the vachetta. And I also read somewhere in the forum that a tpfer had to return her galliera several times because the strap broke. :shrugs:
  8. Me too..I usually do a little bit of research before I buy an "investment piece"..haha..:thinking:
  9. Thank you for strating this thread. I am considering the galliera too and wondering the same thing. My SA swears the problem is fixed. However the rings are still metal so I don't know how you can prevent them from oxidizing and turning the bag black. I will wait for other responses.
  10. I have one and I love it. No black marks on mine
  11. I don't own one but my understanding is that the problem has recently been fixed. They were to have coated the metal rings with something that would stop the oxidizing and thus not leave black marks on the vachetta. I LOVE this bag and can't wait to add it to my collection. Good luck with your decision, hope you decide to go for it!
  12. I have the Galliera PM monogram. I purchased it this past May and only used it a handfull on times. I have no brass ring issues yet. If this happens does LV repair the bag for you? I heard that this is a defect with these bags.
  13. I agree, I want this bag in damier ebene as well. I just don't want to wait 6 months to receive it. I am also concerned about the handles. I have the neverfull mm in damier and the handles started to chip. Does anyone own the Galliera in ebene? If so, have you had any chipping problems with the handles? Thanks
  14. I don't have this one...Yet. The larger size GM in Mono is on my 2010 wishlist.

  15. Heavy?????? The Galliera PM??????? it weighs as much as a piece of gum!