Already on Ebay

  1. The groom line is already flooding Ebay at outrageous prices. This just makes me sick:sad::sad:
  2. ^^^^
    I agree :sad:
  3. Oh well...some people will do anything to make a buck. Its sad that it is at others expense.
  4. I just wanted for all of us to be able to enjoy our Groom's before it became an Ebay item!!:crybaby:
  5. Some buyers don't have access to a LV store and many of them are not even in the US. It's a service that ebay sellers offer. A service can not be free. Some of the groom auctions start very low so it's not true for all.

    I do agree that it's stupid to buy on ebay at that price especially if you are located in the US.

    You can't blame ebay sellers as long as they offer a service.

    In 2003 I was not in the US when the Cherry Blossom came out, I had no other choices than buy my retro CB bag on ebay. I paid more than the retail. I had no problem with that. It was my only choice at that time.
  6. Is there a reason your shouting?? with all those caps??
  7. it is a shame that ebay has to be such a gamble...I wonder if the counterfiters will be doing this bag a s well....

    How come the groom collection is not on the LV web site ?:confused1:
  8. I'm not shouting, it's just the text size was set higher. By the way, I didn't write in CAPS <---- This is CAPS and mine were not that if you noticed correctly :nuts:

  9. Lv has the Groom up now.

    ebay is the reason LV is limiting most people to 3 pieces of Groom. ebay resellers are ruining our fun!
  10. I think it is sad that all the groom items have prices sooo high! Why isn't the groom line on elux, or the Lv website?
  11. Excuuse me!! My Bad!!!:flowers:
  12. it will be for sure on elux, we just need to wait a couple of days. You can call 866 vuitton and order from there.
  13. Thanks . . .I"m still having fun, tnx for letting me know its on the web site
    . . . i would love groom in a wapity case but not sure if they did that

  14. Hey are you a seller???? My experience with ebay has been dreadful and in terms of handbags there are a tonne of copy cats. In fact there are more fakes on ebay than authentics so, I totally understand the skeptism with ebay and LV items. Perhaps you have been fortunate but, many of us have bad experience. When out of town you can call 1-866-VUITTON they are is many countries and they can help you. Ebay can be a real gamble. Getting it shipped to you from LV is a much better option. Hopefully ebay will crack down on sellers of fake items there are way to many of them profiting off of the LV brand. Shame on sellers of fakes!!!!!! My 2 cents on the subject!!

  15. Read my previous post I envourage everyone to call 866 vuitton and to buy on elux.

    I sell icecream if anyon interested :shrugs::nuts: