Already I want another!!

  1. OK just got my city about three weeks ago and matching wallet in the griege and now I want the city in ink!! I told myself this would be it and here I go again wishing for another color. Probably the only style I like is the city but just have that awful urge to purchase again. I have always in the past 25yrs been a total LV fan but now that I have my one Bal city even though I have paid for it, I have to convince myself I don`t need to purchase another and work more hours to pay that off. Really is a terrible addiction!!!!!:sad:
  2. I know they are soo addicting! I started out just wanting one so bad. Now the more I get the more I want! :shocked:
  3. where's the pics of your City? Did I miss them? Probably, I'm a 'newbie' too, I'm already planning my next TWO purchases....a white classique and a black day....ahhhh....dontcha just love this place!?! :yahoo:
  4. I love it!!!!!!!!! More Bbags!!!!!!!!!! Go leatherlover!!!!!!!!:choochoo: :choochoo: :choochoo:
  5. ............same thing here!!!
    They really get to you. Go for the ink it's amazing!