Already hate the color of my new Balenciaga! HELP!!

  1. :amazed: OMG!
    I just received my lavender Balenciaga bag yesterday. I thought I liked it. But wasnt sure until this morning I got up, looked at it sitting on my dining table. I thought OOHHH YUCK! :wacko: And then to top that off, while taking my 8 yr. old son to school, he says, "Mom that is the ugliest color purse you have ever had!" :sick: I knew I should'nt have gone out of my color comfort zone. I WILL be buying another, but with your help this time.:biggrin: Classique, or medium?? Green, white, red, or........... I give! HELP!! :cry:
  2. Can you post a pic for us??

    Is it too late to take it back?
  3. Please post a picture for us!!!!!!
  4. I truely wish I knew how to post pics. I have no clue how do this. If I can get my hubby to do it for me I will gladly post some pics. In the mean time on a quest. Gotta' find the right one, just gotta'.
  5. I was considering that color....pls post pic!
  6. I'm sorry to hear about your lavender or is it lilac? Go for the red that's coming out later this winter. I think that's a classic and kind of neutral color and perfect for the holidays.
  7. I have the city in Cornflower and I absolutely love it and use it all the time! It's great with jeans!
  8. I know exactkly how you feel! That has happened to me before....I wake up, look at it and it makes me nausious. Try and return it if that is how you feel.
  9. oooo...:sad: get another one with the color you like and get rid of the one you don't.
  10. ranskimmie did you get your b-bag sorted out???
  11. Yes, I'm curious too as to what you decided.