Already got blueberry - do I need blue india?

  1. is Blue India more gray? or should I wait until spring for the kelly green??? I love blue, but I already have a blueberry city.
  2. blue india is gorgeous! It's completely different from blueberry so don't say no until you see it!
  3. LOL!

    I was just thinking that myself - I have a Blueberry City and am contemplating an 05 Sky Blue - do I NEED two blues?
    Nope:biggrin: but certainly do WANT it:yahoo:
  4. Blueberry is a gorgeous color...IMO, I would wait till spring2007. I'm drawn to the "New" Orange color for spring.

    Variety is good! Blues, Orange and Greens makes perfect collection.
  5. yeah, I am drawn to the kelly green....
  6. oh just get the blue india! hehehehe, its such an awesome colour! LOL at first i was like, "ekekek, pass!" but no way, its a must have!!!
  7. I can not wait for the Kelly Green. That will be my next BBag!
  8. messenger, what color balenciagas do you have? if you only have the blueberry, i say pass and wait for a different color tone. kelly green sounds like a beautiful color.
  9. I think you need 2 Blues the Kelley Green and the Orange!!! he he he:graucho:
  10. esile-

    I've got a blueberry city, rouge courier and magenta shrug.
  11. in that case, you need the blue india!:graucho:
  12. dear how about if u go through (((all))) blue india pics and info here -if u havent already:P -.. specially the thread where a lovely PF member got a weekender in blue india..:love: and then if the color really strikes u.. G:huh::huh::huh: for it :nuts: i think when u love a bag so hard.. u need not to look at the tone and weather if u have it already.:graucho:

  13. I agree. they are both blue...but totally different blues...
  14. I also agree that they're very different blues. I love Balenciaga blues the best -- something so special about them to me!
  15. I think the blue india looks great, it's a very unique blue!