Already got a sand Jillian, do I also need a bourbon one? Please stop me!

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  1. :sad: I'm so torn by the Revolve sale and Kooba Jillian, I actually like all three colors! After a long search, I decided to go with the sand, then I saw the black gone, ......I want a black too! I haven't seen all three colors IRL, so maybe I should order a bourbon too in case I don't like the sand??? :rolleyes:
  2. I would go for the Bourbon over the sand since it seems it would be better in all seasons. Can these sale bags be returned? At that price, it wouldn't hurt to have both colors and in my opinion you would like the Bourbon better. It's richer although the Sand is great for summer.
  3. Hi Lexie, now I regret for my choice! I originally want the bourbon, but then I changed my mind, how undecisive! Yeah, you're right, maybe I should get both in case they'll run out fast. How do you like your sand Jillian by the way?

  4. I have a black Jillian and bought the sand because I thought I needed 2 colors that were so different. BUt after I bought it I still always gravitated towards the black one and knew it was my real Jillian love so I sold the sand. I say get both, decide which is true love and sell the other on eBay.

    If you haven't ordered you better get to it. I don't think they are going to be there long.

    Oooops...I just checked. I hope you ordered. The Jillians are gone.
  5. Hi Lexie, yay, I ordered the bourbon too. I'm so scared of the regret feeling, so I'd rather order two to choose or keep both.
  6. Revolve is weird. I just checked and the Jillians are back again. I don't know why they disappear unless there have been returns.
  7. Maybe someone ordered then cancelled their order. I did this before.:smile: