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  1. Only a month selling on eBay.. I am fairly new to eBay and I already have the same feelings as a lot of you. I have purchased in the past and recently started selling on eBay my experiences with my sales have been great.. No complaints!! That ended once I received the ERROR message when I tried to active my item..That my account has been limited..etc.. What pains me the most is they do not have the decency to inform you in advanced via email. I went through all the trouble of research, taking pictures, and posting just to find out I was limited to 30 days. When I questioned their limitation policy I was PUNISHED with a 90 day limitation.

    Can someone please answer this, was this a policy in affect when you first created your seller account? I do not understand when they say limit.. Does this mean you only can sell 5 to 10 bags a month or band from selling handbags period for 90 days? I would think the account would be limited in its entirety not just to handbags if the seller is truly a problem.

    I actually thought because I was new to selling that this was the reason for my restriction. But after reading other posts on TPF that doesn't seem to be the case.. It seems that they were just too lazy to investigate true problem accounts!

    I guess I will have to BONANZLE after all..
  2. Oppps I meant activate :shame:
  3. I think it's done by brand--i.e. you are restricted to selling 3 Chanel items or whatever.

    It's done to cut down on bulk listings by counterfeiters, but it does punish people who do volume in authentic items, and I think it's a stupid way to deal with the problem.

    People have had success listing items without the brand name, but I think this is punishable by being banned from eBay.
  4. Has anyone been restricted for Balenciaga? Every time I list (only to fuel my addiction: to buy another B Bag!!) one, I think this will be when they restrict my account. I do have 500 fb with 100%,and have been on ebay a while. Don't know if there is any rhyme or reason for their pulling you is my concern..
  5. Yes, they restrict you based on the number of transactions you have and the brands you're trying to list.

  6. I was restricted to list BBag for 30 days after my attempt to relist the purse. Buyer missed the auction and she was happy to go ahead but eBay wouldn't let me relist it

  7. I was restricted to list an LV Damier Speedy. It sold to a non paying bidder :cursing:, then didn't sell on the second relist. When I tried for a 3rd time to relist (I have been an active ebay member since 2002), I was restricted. Did the same-questioned it & now its 90 days.

    Farewell ebay....moving on to Bonanzle....I won't even browse ebay anymore...
  8. you may want to relist the item with a shorter name like LV for louis vuitton, if you are certain the buyer is committed to buy, as long as your title does not contain the FULL brand name, you are good.

    But this only works in a case like yours, someone has a buyer already, otherwise it will limited the traffic on your listing as it will not comes up on the search engine.