already a boo boo on my new birkin - SO SAD!!!

  1. i'm so sad that i've ruined my first and brand new birkin. i JUST got my 30cm blue jean togo birkin, and i've made a HUGE scratch and some smaller scratches on the palladium on the straps. i put them on the metal strap guides, and throughout the day, i keep tugging at the straps to keep the shape of the togo and avoid batwings, and sometimes they get stuck (metal on metal) and i pulled them straight out...BIG MISTAKE. now there are deep scratches on the palladium straps.

    i guess i wouldn't mind so much if i had owned the bag longer...but it's not even been one week. ugh!!! i'm so mad at myself. and what does DH say when i tell him? " shouldn't FORCE things." Great! Just what I need to hear. In his defense, he loves my bags too.

    Anyway, wondering if it's even worth it to replace the palladium. Can they buff these out???

    Just warning people out there that the palladium on the straps can scratch when you wear them on the metal strap guides.

    BOO HOO!!!
  2. (((hugs))))
    I am so sorry this happened.
  3. The first scratch is always the hardest, whether on a purse or a brand new car... purses are meant to be used... try not to sweat it.

    I hope the scratches can be buffed out...
  4. ignore it and enjoy....................its kind of like crows feet for your bag. it shows character:smile:
  5. Oh, sorry, I hate those first boo boos. If you ever want to replace those two metal pieces, it would be around $110. Not too bad, so you can go ahead and get a few more scratches, then replace! Or in my case, I like knowing I can replace them and never do!
  6. ITA! Kim_mac, enjoy your birkin to the fullest. I wait till the plastics are about to peel off on their own and then I rip them out. After that, I don't even look at the hardware anymore.... ;)
  7. Yeah, girl, you haven't ruined that birkin! Nobody on the street is gonna look at it and be like "OMG SCRATCHES" they are gonna be like "WOW BIRKIN" so rock that baby and don't worry about it! :heart:
  8. i'm so sorry to hear that. but all the scratches and minor flaws to the bag as we wear them adds to the character and patina to any H bag....
  9. I have so many scatches on my bag now from my nails,rings, flying around in my car. I can't worry about it any longer. My hardwear looks less than perfect and I have only had it since July. I am taking it to New York to have my initials stamped in so I am hoping that they may at least polish the gold? It is a working product,and meant to be in service. It has a useful function and it is going to show wear if it is being used for it's function.
    Relax and just love it and use it. You didn't buy it to put it under glass. LOL
  10. thanks for the hugs. i just feel so stupid for not expecting scratches when you put metal on metal. DUH!!! i can accept gradual cornerwear and dirt and dings but to put a huge gash on the brand new, nice and shiny hardware is so heartbreaking. i feel better after reading everyone's comments.
  11. QUESTION: if i do get the palladium replaced on the straps, how long will hermes keep my bag? i'm closer to the craftsman (in this case, craftswoman, in beverly hills).
  12. kim mac, not sure if this will make you feel better. ALL, and I mean ALL the hardware on the straps of my Birkins have scratches. Only because I ALWAYS place the Birkin straps on the strap guides and I do not wear my Birkins any other way.

    Previously, I used to secure the straps over the turnkey, thinking that there would be less abrasion on the hardware but it make access to my Birkins so narrow, and it just isn't practical anymore.

    This is part and parcel of owning a Birkin, and honestly, it would happen to ANY bag that has hardware. So,

    Number 3: ENJOY YOUR BIRKIN.

    Yes, your craftsman can polish the hardware on the straps but the scratches will still be there. But honestly, I do not suggest that you go straight to your store to spend that unnecessary expense to replace the hardware. Instead, I strongly encourage you to enjoy your Birkin to the fullest (instead of worrying and babying it, which will rob you of the full extent of the satisfaction walking down the street with your Birkin), let it sustain more scratches etc .... and after a couple of years, then have the hardware replaced.
  13. It's not a boo-boo!

    You're breaking it in with your own vibes! :okay:
  14. Kim Mac ~ I think that we all know what you are feeling if we have an H bag. Think of this as your birkin's baptism or your personal stamp making your birkin yours. I remember doing the very same thing to my first birkin which I still use and do not give a second thought. And if I did give it a second thought it would be that the bag looks quite good. As everyone else has said, get out there and use your bag and enjoy it.
  15. Ahhh, the first scratches...sorry it happened so quickly for you but they happen to everyone, eventually, and ultimately, they make your piece, well, unquestionably yours! I know it can be a little unsettling at first but think of it this way - you are out there enjoying your Birkin not letting it just sit on a shelf. Good for you!

    Continue to enjoy your Birkin and don't worry about the scratches for now. When they get a little more noticeable, you can take your Birkin in for a spa treatment and "facelift" all at the same time.