Alpha Shopper - Ladies I'm in Love!!

  1. I hadn't seen this bag IRL, but decided to take the plunge last week and order the Alpha Shopper in Latte Leather/Suede (from Bluefly at $396).

    There was just something about the look of it that I found strangely attractive and I really wanted a casual, slouchy bag in this colour.

    It arrived today and I am amazed - it is way better than I thought it would be. I have to say that I have never been a lover of the AW pebbly leather - I bought a black rocco and returned it straight away, but this is really soft and squishy.

    It is such a lightweight bag and the leather is truly gorgeous. So different to how I thought it would be. If anything, however, the soft leather/suede combo will probably be the bag's downfall in the long term - I tend not to baby my bags and I will have to take a bit more care with this one, but at the moment I don't care. It's a keeper for sure - the tags are off and my stuff is inside already!!

    I don't have time for modelling pics at the moment, but this photo I found probably represents how it looks IRL the best.

    I'm now trying to convince myself that I don't need a black one as well!!
    alex wang alpha shopper 1.jpg
  2. It is beautiful- I love soft squishy bags as well. If you want it in black, check out the sale at!
  3. Nice!

    It's also an additional 10% off the Bluefly site today and with the code SPRING4 you can get an extra $30 off!
  4. Correction: the code is SPRING30 to get $30 off $150.
  5. I had my first full day using it today and it was fantastic. I was a bit worried that the handle arrangement might be a bit strange, but it was fine to use and I got heaps of compliments! When I needed to get stuff out, I just hung the long handle over my shoulder and rummaged away!:p

    I saw all the sales and am tempted by a black one, but I really don't use black bags all that much.

    If anyone is interested though, bear in mind that the one at Shopbop (even though it is exactly the same style), is the linen one, with just leather at the bottom, whereas the ones at Bluefly are full leather/suede (hence the substantial price difference!!!).

    Hmm, maybe a linen one would be nice - it is such a bargain price!!:graucho:
  6. I saw that the ones on Shopbop were linen/leather .... that's why I went with the one on Bluefly, I'm a sucker for nice suede!
  7. Ahh you're convincing me to get the black one. I've been eying the black one for so long!
  8. I tried it at the shop and seriuosly was thinking about one (leather linen) to adopt and take home with me )) i wanted to use it as diaper bag. But then i thought that the leather is soooo soft and it will be some kind of one-season-bag because i will not be able to treat it tenderly with two kids.
  9. Hey! Do you have real pics of this now? :smile:
  10. There is the Taupe Shopper on The Outnet for 55% off too!
    I'm going to get it tomorrow :biggrin:
  11. My Alpha Shopper is finally here! I am extremely pleased with it. Words can't even begin to describe the softness of the suede and leather. The Latte (Taupe) and RG combination is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. The bag is so simple and low-key, something I've been looking for in a bag for ages. It's also very roomy and I am in love with it! I have attached pictures (hopefully it works..) but they completely don't do the bag justice and I apologise profusely. This bag deserves so much better than these crappy camera phone pictures. Unfortunately, I dont have a better camera present :/

    Enjoy the pics!

    Without Flash:

    You can just see the suppleness of the leather here.

    Hardware w/ flash

    Interior w/ flash

    Excuse the home clothes. xD
  12. beautiful! i have to say i like AW's suede.. I have the Kirsten and it's nice and thick feeling (to me anyway)