Alpha Hydrox Skin Care Products

  1. Has anyone tried them?

    On another board folks were raving about the Souffle (its an anti-wrinkle cream that apparently has great benefits for all). I bought the "Intensive AHA Peel" - one box, six "spa masks" that you put on, press onto the face, leave on for 10-15 minutes (and look like Freddy Kruger), peel off and rinse the face.

    The box claims they help exfoliate, brighten skin, even skin tone and may extend the effects of Microdermabrasian and Botox.

    Alpha Hydrox

    I bought them at Pavilions (local grocery store in southern california) and hear they are available at some grocery and drug stores. Tried them last night. They tingled (no stinging!!) a bit. I rinsed my face and but on some Aveeno moisturizer (my stock moisturizer). Didn't feel much difference.

    HOWEVER, woke up this morning and washed my face. My skin felt soft and looked refreshed (had that almost "shiny" look to it). I dunno how I feel about them yet, but its something new to play with. :smile:

    Anyone have experience with Alpha Hydrox line?
  2. Alpha hydrox is very good, but then so is any good alpha hydroxy acid product. They work by exfoliating the upper layer of your skin. It takes about a week or so to see any results usually. I love the souffle and used it religiously last winter (I need a good exfoliant in the winter time). BUT after I had used it every night for like 5 months it quit working. My skin was dull again. The shine you are referring to is the new skin underneath that is being revealed.. that is a good thing! Just be careful and maybe skip a night or two every so often or you skin will get immune to it. It apparently happens quit often, so its not just me.

    Also if you want another alpha hydroxy acid option - paula's choice (online only) has some great products that are a little stronger I think. Her formulations come in a gel form and a lotion I think.

    And remember to use a good sunscreen. Aha products make your skin much more sun sensitive and can increase photoaging if you don't protect it every day.
  3. I second Paula Begouns products Love her skincare & makeup line
  4. im 24, and i just bought the Alpha Hydrox souffle tonight. it was on sale... should i use this? is it for mature skin? or should i use it twice a week only then?
    or should i just give it to my mother?