Alot of these on ebay.... OUTLETS??

  1. I haven't seen these at my outlet lately. The pink I have been seeing is much lighter.
    But, I have noticed that when something hits the outlets it hits eBay as well. Other outlets may have gotten these bags, but mine didn't :sad:
  2. Not my way either, I wish that 1st bag would...I love it!
  3. I think TJMaxx...
  4. I seen the duffle bag at TJMaxx and it was 140 when I saw it about three weeks ago.
  5. haven't seen them at my outlets, but you're right - when full price items show up in outlets, they are ALL over eBay - like the madisons and zoes lately.
  6. TJMaxx. The Satchel is $199 and the duffle is $129.
  7. Yup, I bought the duffle at TJMaxx last week, for $129. Wish I had seen the other, I would have bought it too! LOL.
  8. $199 is a great price for the satchel. FYI that bag come out in spring of 05.
  9. I'd love either of these bags...too bad I didn't find any at my local stores...
  10. Are there alot of pink bags at the outlets??? I want a light pink signature satchel (smaller one) and I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF COACH HAS MADE THESE!!! LOL....... I am headed to ellington Sunday!!! Yippeee!!!!!!
  11. Yup, TJ Maxx. I bought a purple one like that there last fall.
  12. my TJMaxx isnt this awesome to have this coach stuff.
  13. I saw the small soho hobo like this yesterday at Marshalls for $99.