Alot of people find it tacky

  1. When people carry around handbags with the logo stamped all over them.
    I disagree with this.

    What do you all think?
  2. beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    Some logos look tacky *to me* some are fine.
  3. Yes, some are.
    But i think most of them look cute

  4. :yes:
  5. Is that why your username is what it is?
  6. There's so much variety in each designer's logo display that it's hard to even pin this one down. Some logos are all over tone-on-tone, very discreet, and some are very big in your face with bright colors/contrasts.
  7. No.
    I was on another forum, and someone was just like i am a labe whore and i was like haha so am i
    and i was stumped on what to make my username on here so i decided to pick this one
  8. I don't really like LV's monogram...but their other lines are fantastic..
  9. true
  10. some of it is, yeah. i don't mind the lv monogram or the coach signature that much...but the bags with the name SPELLED OUT multiple times, that seems a little unnecessary.

    and i think it depends on the person, as well. i know most younger girls love the logo stuff because it's usually a first major purchase- and a "look at me" type thing. but i think that fades fast.
  11. I don't mind monogram so much if it is discreet - like black-on-black. Others, not much.
  12. logos are patterns and some patterns are nice and some could be rethought ... def agree it is all in eye of beholder but i def say classi monogram canavs to me personallly looks good on trunks only .....
  13. when logos are made to look more like patterns and therefore are less obvious, i definitely don't mind them. but logos that are too loud, w/ colors and size, i'm not so in to.

  14. Well said.
  15. I like some monograms, sometimes. Most of my bags are non-monogram, though.