Aloharag Stock

  1. Anyone have any idea what balenciaga's Aloharag has in stock.

    their online list is not updated. thanks:flowers:
  2. Here it is:
  3. email from jumpei aloharag's latest available colors. marron looks black on the picture, anyone saw marron / olive brown irl? i was hoping this would be dark brown.

    thats camel first, camel city, marron first and the quilt bag $1795
  4. I can't get the pictures to upload.
  5. yuck, i don't like the new marron at all & i was excited about it :sad:
  6. same aaa i was looking forward to this .. maybe its just the picture
  7. I've seen this marron in real : too dark for me...almost black...
  8. fromparis can you pls describe the marron how is the color does it have any undertones? i've been waiting for this color and on the picture its not so nice
  9. I've only saw 1 in First size...
    and you know how the colour may look different from a b-bag to an another one...
    But one I saw looked like a lot to the Aloha pics :
    very very dark marron (no undertone)...
    to me, it really looked to a black in bad shape:sad: ...
    If you want I'll check with other specimens during my next visit to Bal Paris
  10. pls fromparis ive been waiting for this in hope that its a dark brown. Let me know how the othr bags look colorwise thank you :love:
  11. I like it, the bags appear to be dark chocolate but vintage looking.