AlohaRag SGH Violet Day in stock!!

  1. I literally JUST got the email in my inbox that the SGH Violet Day is available. Go get 'em ladies! The combo is beautiful!
  2. :wlae: For all whose interested...I just got an e-mail that the Violet Weekender RH just came in at Aloha Rag...:yahoo:GO GET EM!!!
  3. i just got the email too. i emailed my order form. hope i get one.
  4. They have both Day Violet in GIANT and RH and Jaune in Twiggy too. Did I mention that they have the City in Violet RH as well .....
  5. Jus placed my order for Voilet RH City & Marigold Twiggy, crossing my fingers I'll get them. :yes::yes::yes:
  6. Just a quick question:

    i am trying to fax aloha rag but the number they gave me is:

    If i am sending the fax from the UK.....what is the full number?

    i.e. do i put two 00's infront of the 1?

    so confused :sad:
  7. violet RH day also!!!
  8. Yes, you put 00 1 808 589 2051....I just sent my fax for a jaune twiggy, I really hope I can get one before they sell out! :yahoo:
  9. ^^ thank you. :heart::heart:

    This is the first time i sent an international fax.
  10. ^^Oh, I'm so sorry I didn't see your post before, I'm glad you had your question answered, though! Good luck, I hope you get your bag!!
  11. i got my SGH violet city today, ordered from aloha. such a beauty, cannot get it away from my hand.
  12. do they still have violet twiggys or are those OOS?
  13. Try to call them and ask if they have the Twiggy or will possibly have it.
  14. what is rh?:confused1::confused1:
  15. RH = Regular Hardware