ALOHARAG Sale started 6 July!!!

  1. Run!

    I'm so happy I made it to buy my mcq clown tank top!!!
    They also have other mcq tops for those who like, and the famous scarf is $132 :tup:

    Also plenty of Chloes on sale (not the nicest bags, but lots of shoes and clothes).

    Thought I'd share with my bible TPF! ;)
    Enjoy your shopping!
  2. THANKS for letting us know! :smile:
  3. thanks!
  4. Any b bags on sale???
  5. thanks! i :heart: aloharag
  6. I emailed them to see if they have any balenciaga city on sale, and they replied no (not on such popular bags). I've emailed them back to get a list of balenciaga items on sale and should get an answer tomorrow morning (French time). Will definitely keep you posted!:yes:
  7. Do they declare your actual value of items if ship to states? I want to get some stuffs but wonder if tax will be way too much..:wtf:
  8. thanks!
  9. Thanks! I just got these 2 items:
    Cheap Monday

    Alex McQueen
  10. Aloharag is located in Hawaii, so there wouldn't be a duty tax to ship within the US. There is sales tax only if you live in Hawaii.
  11. The McQueen scarf is really a great-buy! I've been waiting it to on sale for so long and now I'm getting it too. :drool:

  12. I hear that! It's a shame they don't have the XL "signature ones"

    I got the same white/black one, ShoeLover :yahoo:
  13. There's no need to declare value since Hawaii is a US state and tax doesn't apply to non-residents. ;)
  14. Does anyone know if signature is required on delivery? I will be out of town and hope that the neighbor could pick up my package for me from my doorstep.