Aloharag returns/exchanges?

  1. I received my First Rouge Vif yesterday from Aloha Rag and I must say, I absolutely love the color. However, upon inspecting it I found this loose string hanging under the flap where the serial number is. Here are some photos so you can see what I'm talking about...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Here is a picture of the bag


    Anyway, Last night I emailed Aloha Rag to see if they will return/exchange it and I have yet to hear from them via email. I will call them later in the afternoon and see what they can do for me. I know there is a $50.00 restocking fee for returning, but do you think they will waive that because of this "defect".

    Please tell me what you think.

    Thank you so much
  2. Can't see your pics
  3. Sorry, I don't think I inserted the photos correctly. :shrugs: Can someone please describe how to do that.

  4. Click "Go Advanced" for your reply and underneath there's a section titled "Additional Options" and a button marked "Attach Files". Good luck.
  5. RockSteady, thank you

    O.k. Here are the pictures. I hope this works...

    Oh, and I want to add that the string is not loose, it's attached but hanging from the tag.
    IMG_0680.JPG IMG_0673.JPG
  6. That would bother me as well because a $1k+ bag should not have such finish... Did you send a picture with your email? I have experienced receiving a defective bag from Aloha Rag and Jumpei agreed to exchange it free of charge. I sent the item back using their FedEx account so I didn't need to pay any shipping as well. They claimed that the bags always get inspected thoroughly by 2 staff members prior to shipping but I guess sometimes they do miss some flaws... If you don't get a reply soon just give Jumpei a call. Good luck :flowers:
  7. Woah, that's a BIG thread! I would definitely email your photos to Jumpei and I'd be surprised if he wouldn't take an exchange. Keep us posted!
  8. Wow, that's a gorgeous red! I would definitely email pics of the thread hanging. I'm sure it'll be no problem returning the bag w/o having to pay any fee. Goodluck and please let us know the outcome. I'm on the verge of ordering from them too but couldn't decide on the color (blue india or rouge day bag). Thanks!
  9. O.K. So here's an update

    I had sent Aloha Rag pictures in an email and also left Jumpei a message to call me back. When he called back, I told him the problem and he said he hasn't looked at the email yet, but will get back with me after he sees the pictures. In the meantime, I asked him if he had any red city bags in stock and he said he did.
    He did get back with me via email and here's what he said...

    "Hi, I am so sorry for the late response. It was really hectic today. I did take a look at the picture. We do have at least 2 staff take a look at the bag before shipment so I don't know how this could have happenened. the strand was behind the metal tag so we may have missed it... (since we are all human) So I was wondering what we could do for you? Did you want to return the bag? exchange it? or change it to the city in red?
    Please let us know."

    Wasn't that so nice of him? He didn't give me the run around or anything like that. He immediately asked me what I would like done. So I told him that I would like to exchange it for the City bag. I am shipping the First back to them tommorow, at their expense by the way. Once they receive the First, they will charge me the $200 difference for the City and my new bag will be on it's way to me!!!

    Thanks everyone for your responses!
  10. yay happy ending :smile:
  11. Oh, yay! That's good customer service! I'm glad it all worked out for you!
  12. oh Jumpei is such a great person!!! I'm glad the response you got was good news!
  13. They have such fantastic CS! I'm glad to hear that they will be doing the exchange with no problems(as they should since that was a crazy big loose thread!) and that they are paying for the return shipping! yay! can't wait to see your new Rouge city!:yahoo:
  14. congraaaaats!! on the upgrade to the city :yahoo: cant wait to see it :nuts:
    and isnt Aloha Rag's customer support extremely friendly and cooperative :love: