Aloharag question??

  1. Will they send pics of the bags?

    I am taking the leap to get my 1st bbag(I am only 23 so its a big jump!!) and i have decided that I need a FB!

    I was debating between the city and first but I think i am going to get the city..good choice??

    My question is....I really wanted to pick it out myself and am going to be in paris next week but i call pretemps and the paris balenciaga and neither of them have the french blue in the city.....

    Should I trust aloha rags to choose a good bag for me...I want one that is veiny and has personality...

    Do they listen to your preferences? Send you pics? etc?


    ALSO,,,,I am currently living in the UK...if they mail it to me here, will i have to pay customs?? IF so, I can have it sent to my home in the states and my friend who is coming to visit next month could bring it for me.
  2. Hi and welcome! AR will send you a pdf if you ask for one -! I'm not sure about customs but in the US they ship for free! AND, they are very nice! :smile: Good luck! The city is a great choice!
  3. They will ship for free to any country, BUT you will definitely be charged customs... Try to find out on the internet how much they charge in the UK, but I assume it will be 10% minimum! Oh, I just remembered tho: if you ask Aloha Rag, they will put a lower price on the customs form to save you some money (they will put a third of the price or something like that). Of course if you can wait, it would be cheapest to wait for your friend from the US to bring it to you!

    about the pictures: Balenciaga recently forbid Aloha Rag to send out pdf's of their Bbag stock. I don't know if they're still allowed to send you ONE picture of a specific bag you're interested in. They might be. You'll have to ask.

    Good luck finding your first bbag :heart:
  4. Btw, nowadays AR don't send PDF. file as far i know....they only advise the colors. However, even if they do, they may not have all the colors in PDF format.
  5. If I were you, I would go to see what Paris have first.
    It might not be in Balenciaga store, there are a lot of designer shop there that carry many brands in one store. Who's know ?? You might find one there or change your mind get other color. I believe that you will also get a refund tax. :biggrin:
  6. I agree with Andy_Sach. There are many designer stores in Paris so you should check it out first. You might want to swing by Galeries Lafayette, a larger department store. They have various designer handbags there. Not sure if they have large selections but definitely various brands all situated in one place. Good Luck!