aloharag order form

  1. I am thinking of ordering a Balenciaga City bag from Alahorag. Does anyone have the order form? Can you please pm me the form? Jumpei didn't attatch a form with the e-mail he sent me. Also, does anyone know how long it takes to ship to California?

    Thanks a bunch.
  2. yaya, there is no 'order form' per se, just follow the instruction's on the bottom of the e-mail. It should ask for your name, cc #, then asks you to indicate that you have agreed to the return guidelines and that you authorize them to charge x amount to your card. I submitted my request on Friday and got mine yesterday, I plan on ordering from them again since it's free shipping and no tax.
  3. yup, like elle-mo said just your basic info. and that you agree they can charge x amount to the card. i plan to order from them again too ... just waiting for the S/S 07 to arrive. they're great and it should take 2-3 days to get to California. they send via FedEx and its pretty fast :smile:
  4. ^^ same as other posts! Just follow the instrutions in their email.

    My experience was it took 2 days to verify charge (which is their policy) and then they immediately sent it 2nd day Fedex but I got it in one day!
  5. nat_attack im waiting for S/S 07 stock to arrive too!!! its making me so anxious...any idea what they will arrive tho? i heard it might be even feb or march...thats more than 3 months away...what do to! :confused1:
  6. Thanks for the info girls. I thought that there was supposed to be a formal order form. =)
    Now I can't decide whether to order the black city now or to wait for the vert d'eau city. The color swatch looks so yummy. Anyone have any ideas when they are taking names down for the waitlist?
  7. Here is the one she sent me:


    IMPORTANT: Please read and agree to the following 3 statements before

    1. Balenciaga bags purchased for over $500/or with free shipping will be
    charged a $50 re-stock fee for each bag that is exchanged or returned. We
    will charge this amount to the credit card use to make the initial purchase.
    2. The shipping cost of sending the item back to AlohaRag will be the
    customer's responsibility.
    3. If/When we are receiving a return or exchange, the package MUST be
    postmarked 14 days from the date of purchase for customers in the USA and
    Japan, and 21 days for customers from other countries. We have the right to
    refuse the shipment if the date has already passed.

    We have attached the information and order sheet for the Balenciaga below.

    If you have any questions please let us know.

    We WILL NOT take Balenciaga orders over the phone.
    To purchase our Balenciaga merchandise, please fill out the order form
    below completely; and fax it to (1)-808-589-2051.

    (1) is the USA country code. We do not recommend transmitting your credit
    card information by email, but we will accept order forms sent back to us by
    After we receive your fax, we will go ahead with the offline purchase
    procedure. (Offline purchase is when the customer provides us with the
    credit card information, and we finish the billing procedure offline. The
    closest example would be to think that you are purchasing the merchandise
    directly in our boutique.

    * Please be advised that the Balenciaga collection is very popular and we
    have a very limited stock. The order request will be processed on a first

    come first service. Please understand that even if the order form is
    Filled out completely, we will not be able to process the order if the
    Merchandise becomes out of stock between the processes. *** If we do receive
    your information after the inventory is sold out, AlohaRag will responsibly
    destroy your credit card information.
    *** We are required to perform a manual security check for all offline
    order. It takes 1-2 days for domestic cards and 3-5 days for International

    Cards. Please be advised that this process starts when we physically
    your faxed order form.


    a. The item number, style name of the merchandise
    b. The price of the merchandise
    c. The color of the merchandise

    d. Card Holder's First Name
    e. Card Holder's Last Name
    f. Billing Address (we only ship to billing address)
    g. Phone Number
    h. email

    i. Credit Card Number
    j. Expiration Date
    k. CVV number (3 digit number on back of your card for Visa, Mastercard and
    l. Statement saying we can charge you *** amount for the *****. with your
    signature. Also, a statement saying you understand and comply with the 3
    statements listed at the beginning of this email.

    Jumpei Oki