aloharag now has s/s 07 stock and blue question

  1. hi girls just got the new pdf and they have many of the giant bags including the city in: black, truffle, marine, blue de fr and the day in vert gazon, bleu de fr, rouge vermillion, and black also the brief in cafe, black, white and marine

    on other note i want a blue the blue india but its not new anymore should i wait for cobalt?? when does that come out?? or go for bleu de france?
  2. Thanks very much for the info. I think you might be able to still find BI somewhere, but cobalt looks like it might be really nice. I say wait for cobalt if you prefer a darker color but try to find BI if you really love it.
  3. Rebeoliva, thanks for the heads up. Do you know if you could do me a huge favor and pm me the file please??? Thanks so much sweetie.
  4. Rebeoliva, would you be willing to PM me the file also? If not, I understand, just let me know. :flowers:
  5. I was at Aloha Rag last week and remember seeing a Blue India Twiggy and City
  6. There's a BI first at Bal singapore SGD$2199
  7. yeah I just got the file and it is all the gold hardware items. I'm really starting to like the french blue/gold combo....
  8. Did they have any coin purses in the pdf???
  9. girls i dont mind sending anyone the pdf but i have to do it via email because i cant figure out how to attach files to pms :confused1:

    i know aloharag has the city, day and twiggy in BI but i love the worksize and dont know if i should wait for cobalt color :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  10. The only coin purses they had left were the ice blue, caramel, and the denim w/ leather trim. I was hoping they would have rouge vif, but no luck.
  11. Rebeoliva, I have the blue india in the work size and i truly love the color and the roominess of the bag. I know that aloharag did not order BI in work but if you're looking for one, perhaps you can try BaNY.
  12. Do you by chance remember what color day/hobo bags they have available? :smile:
  13. reb~ maybe you should wait to see all the new blues before you decide?
  14. ur right zacorey...patience is best im just going to wait until i see cobalt before i purchase anybag...hope all is well with u!! and Boston isnt too cold to ring in the new yeaR!! all the best to u and ur fam :yes:
  15. ^^^SAME TO YOU!!!!!!!!! Best wishes for a very happy and healthy new year to you and your family!!!!

    Did you check out Barney's at Copley? They have the french blue bags but in GH.