new chloe paddingtons :(

  1. Okay, I forgot who posted the fabric paddington from Japan, but has two of them up on their website and I have to say they are now copying the look of the fakes! :crybaby: One of the things that makes the paddington the PADDINGTON, is the smooshy, thick leather and that's what they have replaced with tweed fabric. :cursing: I guess if anyone has $1,000 dollars they don't know what to do with, it may be okay...but not me! Take a look and see what you think. I'll stick with the leather version:smile::wlae:
  2. Exactly!!! (I haven't figured out how to attach the link :confused1: ...bear with me, I'm a baby boomer...our generation couldn't use calculators in math class! LOL)
    About the bags...I agree with you completely...blatant attempt to sell paddingtons looking "trendy." They should be leading the trend, not following disappointing. :sad:
  3. I do like the paddy's with the new pad lock though. I think the enamel on the padlocks would make them last longer :yes:
  4. Oh-oh...Just noticed WHERE those new paddys are being made. Romania!!! What happened to Italy??? :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: I hope they are not going to be making the leather ones in Romania. Not that I have anything against Romania, (in fact I'd LOVE to go to Bucharest!!) however, I prefer my Chloe being made in Italy. I remember when Via Spiga shoes were all made in gorgeous, then they moved most, if not all, their manufacturing everywhere but Italy...and it's never been the same! :sad: :sad: :sad: I hope Chloe knows better!!!
  5. I know what you mean.. It's just like how there are rumours that LV will start producing their bags in India.. Everyone was :wtf:... There's absolutely nothing wrong with Indian/Indians by all means, but it's just that LV roots are France/Paris (ok, maybe USA and Spain too :p).. But for LV bags to be made in India.... It just feels weird.. :s Just like Chloe bags will be made in Romania.. hmmm..
  6. I don't hate them, but I don't see me spending $$ on one either.
  7. Ick, they're running out of ideas on changing the paddington. That material looks like a 1960's couch. I think they need to stick with leather and use a few colors each season like Balenciaga does.
  8. ^^ hahaha, I think that's true too! But, if someone like Li-lo or Nicole Richie was carrying that around, I'm sure girls would be rushing to get it.. :whistle:
    Though I would not be one of them..
  9. Gah! What happened to the famous slouchiness?! :confused1:

    No thanks Chloe. :sad:
  10. I don't like it, looks a bit cheap to me. I wouldn't pay that price:yucky: I will stick to the leather bags, I don't mind paying that kind of money for good leather.
  11. LOL, the couch description is hilarious! I agree!!! What happened to that gorgeous, squishy, thick and delicious leather??? :shrugs: Now they look like a knitting bag with a lock at the top!:sad: Oh, and you are so right about the workmanship changing...I don't care where in the world you have them made, there is NOTHING like leather goods made with Italian craftsmanship! These are a total downgrade, IMHO!:crybaby:
  12. ali_w, my eyes are :nuts::love: for the Blue Bay at AlohaRag. I need to stop coming to this site I'm on a ban!
  13. That is not a bag to Wow me at all.

    Be interesting to see how popular it is, that will be the big question, hopefully not and they will stick with their leather versions.

  14. You are not alone this is definately a dangerous place:yes: I have not held to my ban since I put myself on it:roflmfao: Who Knew Chloe was so addicting:shrugs:.
    Maybe we should encourage each other to "JUST STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER":smile: !!!!