Aloharag and customs fees?

  1. Does Aloharag declare a lower value on customs forms?

    I've always bought from Diabro because even though their bags are more expensive they do declare a lower value which makes it cheaper to buy from them in an insane way!
  2. i dont see balenciaga on aloha rag- can you direct me with a link or how to find balenciaga bags? thanks!
  3. AR doesnt publish the balenciaga bag on their website cos Balenciaga phrohibits as such..
    If you are interested you have to email them :yes:
  4. funny i was just wondering the same thing...
  5. thanks aki_sato! do you know approx how much their gh city goes for? is it cheaper than retail?
  6. aloha rag's prices are not cheaper, unless it's sales items. Aloha rag does declare a lower value for customs purposes. hope this helps!
  7. No problemo :smile:

    AR prices are the same as US Retail except you don't have to pay tax even if you live in US I believe :yes:
  8. Yes they definitely lower customs value. I bought a bag about 2 weeks ago and they declared it as 25% of the actual value.
  9. Yep, I also bought from AR and they declared the bag at 25%

    Custom fees :tdown:
  10. I bought from AR and they declared as 25% of the value, they mail you the receipt a couple weeks later...I'm in Canada...I got taxed 6% of the 25% price (varies between province). Duties and Taxes came to around $80 ...This still made it cheaper than buying at Holt renfrew (the only retail store that sells Balenciaga's in Canada) ie. Aloha Rag sells the First for $995 US, whereas Holts sells the First for $1445 CAN. Still worth it!
  11. hmmm funny, i bought 2 citis from aloha rag about 3 weeks ago. i didn't notice anything that drew my attention to it... definitely didn't notice any taxes and duites that I'd have to pay..... and who knows where my receipts are... ahhahah
  12. Hi,
    Just a side note.
    Not sure where you live, but here in Vancouver we have a store called Richard Kidd which also carries Bbags+ Balenciaga clothings. Past season Bbags do go on sale from time to time at Richard Kidd, you can do a search on the forum.
    Hehe, I'd never buy Bbags from Holts!
  13. If you're in the US you wouldn't have to pay any duties or taxes on something coming from Hawaaii. :smile:
  14. Richard Kidd no longer carries Bbags. I called to ask them if they had any just a couple days ago. :crybaby:
  15. oh that's great! do they lower even further?? i've always bought from cos they lowered my declare value to $60!! and i didn't have to pay a single cent of tax!! and it could have been $140 if they didn't lower it!:tup: