Aloha Toki!

  1. Just took these pics and wanted to share.... Oh god, LV can't stand a chance compared to Toki...:smile: hehe...

    So fun talking to ya'll last night, so i took these... I'm never going home!:yahoo:

    oops. didn't mean to post the first bag pic over again, sorry, sun mustve gotten to me...
    Post Aloha Toki 2.jpg Aloha Zippy and Toki.jpg
  2. cool pic Veronika! The l'amore corriere looks great and you have a pretty cool tattoo!
  3. Thanks Sweetie! It's my second tatt; i do big koi, first is on lower back, contemplating another one as we speak... but trying to hold back... I'm crazy for the Toki... are you using yours, or keep as collectibles....? I'm loving the collections thread right now.... people here have some incredible collections!
  4. I'm slowly using mine. I've used 2 so far and I'm slowly making my way through my collection and eventually I'll use all that I have :biggrin:
  5. cute pic!! hmm the amore in corriere look pretty cool! :biggrin:
  6. ah, so that's what a corriere looks like one someone. pretty amore corriere, veronika! :biggrin:
  7. Thanks! It makes me very happy:yes:
  8. I personally dont like corrierre, but OMG, it looks great on u! :tup:
  9. i love the bag and the tattoo :love:
  10. wow that makes me want a corrierre!
  11. you are beautiful!!
  12. ooooooh that's the first amore corriere pic i've seen! vvvery nice :smile:
  13. Very cute! I too have never seen a Corriere on someone :smile:
  14. wow!! i like the corriere now!! look at the beach,water is so blue there. lol!! i want to go now!!