Aloha Rag ??

  1. I am very tempted to buy a Black City from Aloha Rag, has anyone bought a bag from them from overseas?? one thing that I worry about is since I don't know any SAs there, what if the bag is not 100% to my satisification ?
    I guess what I want to know is , did anyone purchase a bag from Aloha Rag from overseas (outside of USA) and was it a good experience ?

    Thanks !:tup:
  2. I think that lots of people have and that they think that Aloha Rag is great.

    However, when I emailed them they said that they would require me to send a copy of my bank statement when I made my first order.

    Nobody has EVER required me to do that before and I think that it is totally out of order. I have taken my trade elsewhere for that reason.
  3. There are some threads about AR, for example this - I live in Europe and have ordered from them. At first I was unsure too, but they have a great customer service, you can describe them which bag to pick (I wanted one w/ less veins), you can also ask them to send a pic of the bag. And the lowered the value of the bag so you have not to pay so much.
    I hope this helps you
  4. Thanks guys..... yeah...they did ask me to send a copy of my CC statement :sweatdrop: still thinking .......:p