1. Hi Everyone,
    All things being equal, who do you think is the better vendor? I'm thinking Aloha, but many of you have purchased from Shirise, so...

  2. i havent purchased yet from AR but jumpei is a darling as for shirise they do have good service, they sent me a damaged bag but brandi (shirise buyer) replaced it and refunded me the shipping cost which is great ! i would buy from shirise again
  3. Thanks, kaka!
    The problems that members had with bags from Shirise did give me pause. I was wondering about that. But it is true, they did make things right.
    Yes, Jumpei is wonderful. But choosing a bag, if you have "requirements" ??? Maybe AR would be better?
  4. I've only purchased through Shirise. I think their prices are great--since the bags went on sale :smile: And I had a great experience!

    But I don't think they may be as knowledgable about B as AR--so if you're willing to pay full price and want the bag hand-selected, AR may be the way to go.
  5. Yes, I do want the bag hand-selected, so I guess I'll go with AR, if I can. Also, I just found out that at Shirise, the bags are all final sale. So if I didn't like the leather, I'd be outta luck. But they are really nice there, I agree. Probably a good spot for 'sale' bags.
  6. I had a good experience with both stores. I do have a partial preference to AR, only because you don't pay for shipping plus the availability of a catalog too is helpful.
  7. y'all can pay me (with bbags, of course) and i will go to shirise and scope out a bag for you.

    seriously, i think the salespeople at shirise are just as capable as long as you tell them what you want.

    i don't know that the bags are final sale unless they are on sale. i would ask to make sure.
  8. doesn't AR have a restocking fee if you decide to return?

    i purchased from shirise, got a damaged bag, and am in the process of getting a new bag (hopefully) with the help of Brandi.
  9. Yeah, AR charges a $50 restocking fee, which is pretty steep.
  10. Hi chi,
    I asked Michael about the return policy and he said they were final sale. And this was in response to the email re. new stock. I was kinda surprised. Maybe they just don't want to deal with a lot of returns. Can't blame them for that, but since the product is so variable, that's a negative.
  11. True enough!
  12. thanks! i had no idea. i have only bought stuff on sale there (which i knew was final sale).
  13. i've bought from AR and everything about the experience was just WONDERFUL!
  14. I have to say that Jumpei at AR is fantastic! They take the time to send pics and e-mails are always answered very quickly--I'm buying my Blue Grey City from them! Best CS I've had so far! :heart:
  15. yes, AR has great service, although i never purchased there, but i sent email asking about their stocks, and they replied so quick adn thorough with the pdf of the stocks :P
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