aloha rag vs nap

  1. can someone tell me why the prices for aloharag and nap are different... a paddington at aloharag is 1398 but on nap its 1540!?
  2. I noticed that too, but sorry I don't know why they cost less @ aloharag...
  3. I think the $1540 on NAP is just an approx cost they give u on the page for your ease of browsing. The site automatically picks up that you're in the US and will therefore display items in US dollars. Normally, their stuff is in British Pound. If you look near the bottom of the page, there is an option to change the country you're in and therefore the currency. I'm in Australia and they always just leave the costs in Pounds.

    For me, the regular Paddy satchel comes up as 675.75 Pounds which is about $1262USD based on the exchange rate now at That is VAT inclusive. For non-EU countries, the VAT will be deducted but I think NAP will automatically calculate the tax you'd have to pay for your country and the total will be adjusted accordingly when you checkout.
  4. I've also noticed some huge price discrepancies with Net-A-Porter.
    I bought some MJ shoes for 395 euros in a store here,they're on LVR for 388 euros,and they're listed on NAP for 535 euros:shocked: .
  5. i noticed that too. does that mean that the paddington have gone down? becuase i remember they raised it to $1600 somethign right? and now they're down again to $1398?
  6. ohh- thanks a lot guys!!! :P