Aloha Rag still has White cities

  1. Just an FYI for anyone who's looking out for a white city and has been told that everywhere in NY has sold out (BalNY, Barney's etc) like me, LOL.

    I just spoke to a lady at Aloha Rag and she says they have about 10 left and are still in the box. So go grab them! :graucho:
  2. AWWWWWWWW!!! That's not nice to tempt me like that!! I am supposed to wait til Spring to get a white one! LOL!!!
    But I keep hearing & seeing pics how the leather on the whites right now is SOOOOO beautiful!!
    hmmm... I DID get a new Visa today... hee!
  3. The leather is incredible!!!:yes: Almost twice as thick as my new, red, black and greige. :heart:
  4. Oh darn! I got the order form all filled out, with my card number and everything, and I noticed that the agreement said ...
    "4. You will only be allowed to purchase one medium (city) Balenciaga bag for the whole Fall winter season." :sad: boo hoo!!!! I've already ordered my rouge city from them!
  5. LOL, I know how that feels! I've barely gotten my order thru and I'm already lusting after another one! :rolleyes::lol:
  6. This is where the husband/boyfriend/mother/father/brother/sister/roommate's name come in handy ;)
  7. Are you serious? Do they really hold people to that rule even if they've got Cities in colors that aren't selling as well?!? Wow.
  8. I haven't actually tried to call them, I was just looking at the part that said I had to agree with 1-4 on top of the order form or email, and so I just didn't finish up. Maybe I should try anyway? :confused1:
  9. I think you should just give them a call. Who knows? They may just let it go, since the white is a staple color every season. Let us know how it goes!
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