Aloha Rag Sale

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  1. I just got word from Aloha Rag that they will probably be marking down some more Chloes on Friday the 8th!
  2. All these sales is making it very hard to be a good girl!!!
  3. thanks so much for the info!
  4. Yikes! All these sales are killing me. I wonder if the paddingtons and regular ediths will be included in that.

    The sales everywhere this time are incredible. So many things to buy, so little money.
  5. thanks for sharing the info! but knowing is stress, since there are just too many great deals and not enough to get everything I want!
  6. Dear Mona Danya:
    Thank you SO MUCH for posting and I'll hold my horses with NM and other dept store purchases from this point on and keep my eye open for some bags I've been eyeing at Aloha...
    All these sale is making me EXTREMELY busy between work and buying....

    Boy, is DH going to "LET ME HAVE IT" when he sees the delivery from NM next week and now another sale.... But, hey a SALE is NOT to be missed....

    Thank you AGAIN,